The Apple that Falls far from the Tree

Just as UK PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson makes out that his surname is Johnson, despite the surname on his paternal grandfather’s birth certificate being clearly Kemal, so too does Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris make little mention of her élite Tamil Brahmin heritage.

Whether re-purposing the original anti police brutality Black Lives Matter hashtag or pretending to be a European artistocrat as opposed to the great grandson of an élite Turk, when courting public favour, politicans and their families are obliged to conform to a rigid set of underlying assumptions.

If these politicians are willing to publicly compromise on day one, then what won’t they be willing to sacrifice when they’re in power?

The Wall Street Journal, which I assume will be rooting for Trump, has published an article about Kamala Harris’s mother’s side.


For more on Boris Johnson’s family history, the BBC did a Who do you think you are? some years ago.

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