The Economic Consequences of the Vaccine

The delicate epidemiological and financial balance upon which many societies have come to rely – ie our capacity to fight off disease and to trade – has been something which, till recently, many of us have taken for granted.

But for some reason, all of a sudden, this ground to a halt.

Confidence is everything in a modern economy.

While it has been easy for the powers that be to bamboozle their citizens, it is the act of debamboozling that is proving more of a challenge.

I suspect that the sociology of science does not point to the idea that any single person or body, be that government, individual, or any other type of organisation, holds a monopoly on truth.

In the twentieth century Kurt Gödel demonstrated that there are far more true things than can possibly be demonstrated.

So why must we allow ourselves to be quite so retarded by the incessant stream of absurdities that we are subjected to by our deeply corrupt governments?

I live in Britain and so can only speak for here, but it looks like Europe, US, Canada and Australia have the same issues.

Which came first the Brexit or the Virus?

Did Governments’ poor reaction to the 2008 global financial crisis help them lose control of their populations?

Did that lead to the Brexit and Trump votes and increased populism throughout Europe’s former communist states as well as in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Germany?

Did these governments need a new distraction?

Was it discussed at Davos (see video from this year’s discussion below)?

Have populations simply fallen in line?

On the whole I think the answer to these questions is: YES.

There’s been some resistance to the the global government agenda but the media has worked very hard to portray anyone with a dissenting view as a marginal figure which has led to the inevitable rebirth of the official narrative

Brexit, climate change, austerity, the global financial crisis, and covid, are examples of issues the West has encouraged its citizens to take seriously.

Far more so than other issues such as international and intra-national financial inequality perpetuated by the continued domination of a self anointed banking technocracy.

Statelessness and Denationalisation

Privatisation in the UK in 70s and 80s was occasionally labelled denationalisation. Taking state created and state backed utility companies like gas, phone, water, oil, electricity, and selling them off. This made investors and the City a lot of money but in many cases has led to worse service for consumers and higher bills.

You might think taking these firms away from the state amounts to taking the state out of these firms. But they still get subsidies and bailouts when they need them. While avoiding tax and paying dividends.

In just the same way some people who have lots of money – non-doms, non-domiciled residents – understandably don’t want to pay UK taxes and set up overseas to avoid paying taxes in the UK.

So you have non doms who don’t want to be British, the offshore tax havens which help them, the corporations which park their profits outside the UK, and finally stateless individuals who for some reason or another have found themselves without official nationality.

Just as Camp X Ray in Cuba also known as Guantanamo Bay is still open it is clear that that our governments like to push things off the balance sheet. Shove things off to where they can’t be seen. This culture of permanent denialism is unhealthy. It inevitably masks child abuse. And other unspeakable abuses. By perpetuating this culture our government and mainstream media become the very abuse that they choose to ignore.

When I think of Pippa Crerar of the Mirror or Jim Pickard of the FT who are self-styled non elites that happen to occupy prominent roles in our media, I think of good people who are doing bad things.

Their arms are obviously tied behind their backs in that they have to obey lawyers and likely government censors.

But they look away from the non Westminster abuse. The pillaging and corporate looting taking place in this country.

Wall to wall coverage of the savage austerity that has been artificially imposed on the country is not their priority.

They’ve covered some of the covid contracts but most of the other work that needs to be done has been ignored.

This is a disgrace.

The police won’t touch it, the press won’t touch it, the BBC ignore it, the public will never see it, it will never get to court.

This culture can only get worse if unchecked.

What I’m saying here is no great revelation. But it’s still true.

Australian PM Scott Morrison must get advice from Lynton Crosby just like Boris Johnson

The press don’t want to discuss the increasing presence of transhumanist technology in our thoughts and lives.


Lockdowns were supposed to deliver us from covid

And vaccines were supposed to free us from lockdown

So what happened?

Why has Australia, one of the most Nazi-like of all vaccine and lockdown enthusiasts, got such high covid figures and no-one showing up for work?

Maybe the vaccines and lockdowns are not working, or the rules around self isolating too strict.

Why else could a fully vaccinated and heavily locked down country have such high covid figures?

Australia’s failed strategy points strongly to the possibility that most Australians that catch covid are the very same people that got vaccinated.

Doctor Death

Energy as a proxy for money

My friend Roger Lewis has been researching the links between energy and money and the role of global government in facilitating a new energy based currency.

We chat quite frequently and occasionally upload videos of our discussions.

Andrew Bailey Governor of the Bank of England and Christine Lagarde of the European Central Bank have been in the press banging on about Russia and Ukraine and the effect of gas prices far more than they have for discussing inflation.

Of course this position assumes that we have to share the NATO stance on Russia.

Sweden and Finland are again being asked to join NATO and the current NATO head Jens Stoltenberg is trying to become Governor of Norway’s Central Bank.

I think this is a bit much on the military banking revolving door front.

The culture of Openly Highly Politicised Central Banks is still a new thing.

So galling as to merit zero mainstream discussion.

It’s taboo as main course served with large dollops of taboo on the side.

Lagarde becoming head of ECB was genuinely weird.

Felt more incestuous than most nepotism.

And then we have ex Goldman ex ECB head Draghi now pushing for mandatory vaccines as…unelected Italian PM.

Are you kidding me?

When it comes to world’s most ubiquiotous technocrat, Mario is top of the charts.

Is there any job he can’t be given?

The fact that he injected all that QE into the Euro which incidentally iatrogenically killed the patient got him referred to in the BRITISH PRESS as Super Mario.

I kid you not. We knew bad things would happen to that country the moment he became leader. I can’t imagine what he’s been up to in the name of further readying Italy for external investors.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Super Mario is in the race to become Italian President against … Silvio Berlusconi!

George Osborne applied to run the IMF while editing the Evening Standard but now merely advises on M&A while chairing the lootholdings at the British Musuem.

Our faith can only be shaken when we’re continuously served the same unfriendly uncommunicative technocrats to run our institutions.

It is time for us to start communicating with each other about the kind of futures we want.

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