The Great British Fraud Machine


The BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), & Financial Conduct Authority have conspired to criminally defraud, bankrupt and asset strip thousands of small businesses throughout the UK.

New film Spank the Banker shows that other banks, including state-owned Lloyd’s, have also engaged in financial terrorism against British business.

Though the banks’ and the financial regulator’s misdeeds are well known in social media circles, the state run BBC does its best to give the government backed multimillion pound fraud campaign as little coverage as possible.

BBC Omertà

The sparse coverage the BBC has ever given has been carefully framed to disempower victims rather than to help them campaign for justice.

The following email trail reveals the BBC’s micromanagement of the RBS reign of terror coverup.

The BBC specialty is ignoring colossal collusive corruption in which state-backed banks defraud British Business to make up for the gambling losses of Britain’s most reckless high rolling investment bankers.

Neil Mitchell & Noel Edmonds

Neil Mitchell and TV presenter Noel Edmonds are victims of the Lloyds / RBS government-backed fraud machine.

But they’ve chosen to fight back.

They made Spank the Banker

Pre-emptive Gagging

BBC Birmingham producers were keen to interview Noel Edmonds at an upcoming Birmingham screening of the film.

The following mail is from Noel Edmonds’ publicist to Samir, the film’s director, and Adam, from BBC Local Radio.

This all looks very promising.

But when the BBC found out that the film was about government corruption, criminality and fraud, the BBC suddenly lost interest.

Noel’s agent:

When pressed as to why they had lost interest in the multimillion pound bank fraud story with a former top BBC presenter, Noel Edmonds, a victim, BBC News PR replied:

So there you have it.

No comment, despite the newsworthiness of the story.

We tweeted the radio programme producer.

But again, no reply.


The BBC producer who had originally expressed an interest in interviewing Noel Edmonds was asked why the content was not deemed appropriate .

And finally he replied with a definitive … fudge.

So there you have it.

The BBC requested tickets to the event and started to arrange an interview with Noel Edmonds but when they found out about the content they pulled out and then completely denied it was anything to do with the content!

Fraud on the People

The scale of political bias at the BBC is unprecedented. The merging of state and corporate interests against small businesses and the public is a clear sign of a corrupt state, a corrupt banking system, a corrupt regulator, corrupt broadcaster, zero media regulation, zero trust and a turbo-corrupt government.

No wonder people now vote for extremist parties.

The steady diet of infantilisation & middle of the road reporting masks world class fraud and racketeering operations.

The RBS & BBC information mafias happen to have claimed many innocent individuals’ lives.

The scale of their truth crimes is off the charts.

For more information about uninterrupted state backed UK bank fraud, do watch Spank the Banker!

Click here for trailer: Spank the Banker

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