The Many Sided Truth(s)

Why are we so wedded to the idea that there is only one truth?The idea of a monotheistic god is understandably tempting.

Henry Kissinger is reputed to have asked who to call when he wanted to speak to Europe.

The German Paul Warburg created the Federal Reserve, a single currency, with American backing.

How can you consider truth without acknowledging currency?

Money is truth. If we ignore it we ignore each other. It links identity and value. Surely that is what makes it true. The fact that, like it or not, everyone, just like with the truth, is forced to accept it.

If it works, it’s real. Money is information. It flows. Tracks change. Allows change. Exchange. But the vehicle becomes the goal.

And what about Regulators and Central Banks? And what of the Legal System?

Arbitration is not about justice. It’s about power. What works for society? The truth lives in markets. But it’s never still.

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