Tories bet on Anti-Semitism — Again

Anti-semitism is a hot topic at the moment. London’s Mayoral election happens to be between a man whose father was a Jew and a man whose family is Muslim.

The press are implying that Labour have a problem with anti-semitism.

No such reports are being made against the Conservatives.

Will this irrelevant argument affect the outcome of the election?

Here is the chat that sparked the debate. Ken Livingstone is being pilloried in the media for saying that Adolf Hitler endorsed creating a Jewish State.

The TV presenter is Andrew Neil a former editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times.

Livingstone is right to say that some Germans and some members of the Jewish community came to an agreement about repatriation.

This is a link to the Haavara Agreement – it covers the period Germans sent Jews back to Israel.

An ugly agreement forged at an ugly time — it was designed by Nazis to maximise exodus and expropriation.


Asset-strippers and land-grabbers of all backgrounds continue to use similar legal structures in the form of Troika style debt deals, PFI/PPP contracts, and development loans.

I came across this article on twitter today:

Emran Mian

It’s by Emran Mian — Director of the neo-liberal Social Market Foundation think tank.

He makes some good points about growing up as a minority in a segregated society and what made him stop hating Jews.

Mian’s defence of liberalism sat well with me till I read that he had worked for pro-fracking former BP boss and Goldman Sachs board member Lord Browne. They remain on good terms. Mian now heads up an an organisation that lobbies for US-style NHS privatisation. .

Mian’s liberalism has gone too far!!

His journey reminds me of an offensive but funny expression I heard a teacher make at school: “One should not have to bend over backwards to accommodate homosexuals”

Sun Miliband

And why is no-one talking about The Sun’s anti-semitic pig puns and jew-hating nose jokes from last year’s general election edition?

I have never seen the Pinocchio gag used before.

How it not demonise and dehumanise the former Labour leader?

Perhaps Murdoch’s employees would argue this is not really anti-semitic  because not all the subjects below are Jewish!

I wonder what Andrew Neil has to say about the Sun’s behaviour before last year’s General Election.


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