Tory peer Karen Brady defrauding vulnerable British women with pay rise masterclass scam

The Scam

Tory peer Karen Brady sets out her stall in today’s Sunday Times:

Her masterclasses, which will be called Get What You Want, will be a free series of podcasts and video masterclasses available online from mid-December. They will cover a range of themes, such as getting a promotion, baby-proofing your career, coping after maternity leave and negotiating pay.

Whilst these are all important – it is pay in particular that demands closer scrutiny.

Speaking to The Sunday Times’s Money section, Brady admitted feeling frustrated about workplace inequality.

“It is going to take 100 years to close the gender pay gap if we stay the way we are,” she warned.

Of the gender pay gap, Brady, who is married with two grown-up children, says: “It’s not like you have to wait for some magic fairy. The chief executive has made the choice to have this very different pay gap. They are the only ones who can resolve that.”

The Backdrop

Karen Brady is a Tory peer. She votes with the government on all major legislation. She also has a column in the Sun.

It should come as no surprise that, at this stage, she has said nothing to oppose the government’s decision to overrule the Treasury Select Committee’s recommendations to widen gender pay gap reporting criteria.

If Brady is up to date on gender pay gap reporting that would mean that, by remaining silent about the government’s misogyny, she is directly sabotaging plans to get more women on boards by reporting gender pay gaps in all firms and to genuinely include all employees including partners and part owners.

The government refused to publish their rationale for blocking mandatory across the board reporting.

Perhaps Karen knows the answer.


Perhaps the biggest hypocrites of all are Helena Morrissey, Penny Mordaunt and Victoria Atkins, who have both been vocal about the need for more women on boards and yet have said nothing about the government’s choice to block across the board mandatory gender pay gap reporting.

Last word goes to Junior Delgado:

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