Toxic Nudge is Good for You

Page Two of today’s Guardian tells us that we’re all organ donors now.

Under such a rule detainees in UK immigration centres, prisons and mental homes could have their organs harvested by the UK for profit.

The state could balance its books by overcharging its human supply chain (patients, migrants, prisoners) for food, accommodation and, er, medical costs.

Would the market price for organs be determined by fit or by how hard they are to find?

Either way, this is the work of the notorious Behavioural Insights team, also known as the Nudge Unit.

All very reminiscent of Jonathan Swift’s 1729 Modest Proposal in which he suggests a solution to hunger could be simply to eat poor kids.

Modest Proposal For preventing the Children of Poor People From being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and For making them Beneficial to the Publick,

Local authority easements brought in under the coronavirus bill coupled with the enormous rise in child poverty over the last ten years mean we are already on that road.

Eugenics and depopulation are currently en vogue so why not just legalise cannibalism and be done with it?

Where there is behaviour and decision-making there have to be incentives.

Toxic Nudge is Good for You

Here’s a Nudge Unit paper on boosting organ market supply chains.


Nudge Unit boss David Halpern is a psychologist who sits on the UK Government’s secretive Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

He is not a proper scientist and was one of the most prominent pushers of the government’s catastrophic policy of herd immunity.

One of the early advocates of the Nudge Unit was former Minister of State for Government Policy, Oliver Letwin.

In the following public appearance Letwin talks to Halpern about how behavioural economics contrasted with ‘policy based evidence making’.

It all takes on a sinister dimension in the current corona climate.

As the blog says, behavioural economics and ‘what works’ means doing what works, as opposed to following common sense or tradition.

In the corona climate this might have worked if we had evidence Brits would automatically socially distance and stop the spread.

But we didn’t.

We had no stats and no data.

So the ‘scientific’ advice was bullshit.

But with non-scientists and unidentified members of the SAGE committee (Dominic Cummings? ) appearing to outnumber actual epidemiologists, what chance did UK population stand?

This SAGE document is called : The role of behavioural science in the coronavirus outbreak from 14 March 2020


There appear to be no epidemiologists mentioned in the document. And quite a few people who remain nameless.

Organ Markets

So how does the organ market function?

Is it regulated? Who by? Are its decisions made public ?

Or is the whole thing shrouded in secrecy?

A no go area for journalists and the public?

The Cherry Pickers

Yesterday Prince Charles said he needed the help of an army of fruitpickers.

The same Charles who helped Jimmy Saville and Church of England paedophile priest Peter Ball.

Since Brexit the usual pickers (sometimes referred to as migrants) don’t appear to be around.

Would the produce be shared by the volunteer army or sold in shops so the Prince could turn a profit?

Will any of it go to food banks?

Power behaves today as it normally does. But right now it is more noticeable as the powerful are becoming increasingly desperate.

The subsidies that keep the royal food business going are not enough.

Agricultural labourers are not being paid enough money to survive so now he is asking for volunteers. Unbelievable.

The Tory Immigration Bill going through parliament plans to force ‘migrants’ to pay over £600 to use the National Health Service (NHS).

These are workers on low wages doing essential work such picking fruit and working for the National Health Service.

And yesterday the Guardian ran a story about an ex-soldier from Fiji who served in the British Army all over the world and is now being charged thousands of pounds for his NHS medical treatment.

This is obviously not a one-off. The problem is clearly systemic.

He is only in the news because Amelia Gentleman, of the Guardian, knows this is the right time to tell his story.

She reported the Windrush Scandal / Hostile Environment story.

Funnily enough Amelia Gentleman’s husband Jo Johnson was in the cabinet at the time and was wheeled out onto Channel Four News to defend then home secretary Amber Rudd

Since then he has resigned and Amelia continues to do stories about his brother’s government.

The same mentality that gave us the slave trade is in rude health and Dominating today’s government.

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