Trip to Trumpton

US Social Commentator HL Mencken once said “No-one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American People”. 

What in the UK would be classed as a hate crime, turned out to be one of Trump’s greatest performances. 

Today’s mass shooting at an American Synagogue can only be responded to by a message of hope.

Even Donald Trump wouldn’t have wanted this to have happened, but his politics of division and hatred have surely contributed.

Pittsburgh synagogue killer “steeped in debates of alt-right.. social media postings show adherence to antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jews trying to destroy white race through immigration, aka ‘white genocide’.”
Alt-right terrorism needs more attention— Sarah Ludford #FBPE Impolite Rebel (@SarahLudford) October 27, 2018

Nobody Knows by Pastor T L Barrett suitably uplifts. 

Nobody Knows

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