UK Food System in Dire Straits

For those of you who take an interest in your food, there is a Public Accounts Select Committee on Monday on the Government’s new Environmental Land Management Scheme ( ELMS ).

This will be followed by another Select Committee on the same topic on Thursday.

This matters because in 2017 Britain grew 61% of its food.

ELMS is supposed to replace the EU Common Agricultural Policy, which subsidised British farmers.

The government is not doing a good job convincing farmers that they have a future in farming.

If farmers continue to be disincentivised to grow food, then Britain will either face food shortages or have to import substandard food from abroad.

The Institute of Government has done an explainer of ELMS.

I’ve not come across much coverage in the papers or TV.

Have you?

Why do you think that is?

Kiss The Ground

Is a big film on Netflix. I haven’t seen it. This is recent chat with the directors.

Wood Harrelson narrates Netflix the film.

I just saw him in Venom 2. It was more like Kingpin than Batman. I laughed all the way through.

Regenerative Agriculture

Here are some Regenerative Agriculture articles from the Guardian.

Start Me Up

The regenerative rock and rollers over at Microsoft licensed Start Me Up off the Rolling Stones to help them launch Windows 95.

At which point I would have been likely listening to Mobb Deep

Interesting how Bill Gates went from Computers to seeds. It’s all intellectual property, after all. He is a Monsanto investor and therefore I assume opposed to regenerative agriculture.

Carbon Tax

Will the upcoming COP26 Climate Change event in Glasgow lead to a global carbon tax?

This week the head of the WTO wrote, in the FT, that carbon must be priced.

Leonardo DiCaprio made a similar call at the UN back in 2014.

But who will get to spend the carbon fund?

Bankers must be inventing acronyms, as we speak, in order to grab that fund.

Using words like Green, ESG, Impact Investment, and Sustainability is how they’ll do it.


My friends at RAIN are helping reforest the Amazon. Will they get any?

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