UK Health Minister signed coronavirus law while infected with coronavirus

UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries started exhibiting coronavirus symptoms on 5th March while signing a coronavirus statutory instrument in Parliament.


I don’t think there’s anything worth celebrating here, though I must say, I’ve never like Dorries. It is remarkable that she is a Health Minister as she is more famous for being very right wing and a writer of chick lit.

Here’s a bit more on statutory instruments. Looks like they can bring in quite sweeping rule changes with these.


Jesus among the Doctors

What is going on around here then? Jesus is getting some pointers from his mum in the Temple perhaps.

I wonder what he would have done during a time of Coronavirus.

As a religious man, would he have had the time to associate with the non religious?

UK Infectious Diseases Report 2006

Of course today the only valid religions being financialisation and, er, that’s it.

The consumer society with its sexualisation of food and travel has a lot to answer for. If it weren’t for our permanent need to travel around the world we wouldn’t have diseases like Coronavirus spreading so quickly.

But where is this disease really from?

If Russia did start it (not saying they did) then they have played a blinder. But where do we go next? They have had an Oil War with Saudi, managed to influence elections and social media generally and yet they behave as though have no real aggression planned.


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