UK Rwanda refugee policy has Blair & Gates written all over it

Why did Tony Blair get knighted by Boris Johnson?

There must be a host of reasons.

They’re both Islington men with marriages and multiple children with smart lawyers.

Both needed a war to make their mark on the world.

Tony Blair has refused to go into the House of Lords – do you think Boris Kemal Johnson will do any different?

Boris will need tips from Tony on how to pay for his kids.

But the thing that I’m most interested in at the moment is the link between the current UK Rwanda arrangement for processing refugees and the Tony Blair Institute’s work in Rwanda.

It is inconceivable that Blair and his foundation didn’t see and guide this policy.

They have been in Rwanda for years. I first noticed around 2014 because there were reports about it all over the papers.

Paul Kagame, the Rwandan dictator was fĂȘted in UK papers for turning the country round. Similarly to the way MBS of Saudi is credited with modernising the Middle East kingdom.

But the problem is that Kagame took power following a genocide.

Blair’s wife Cherie defended the head of the Rwanda spy service in 2015 when he was detained in London for the killing of a Spanish aid worker during the genocide. The case remains unresolved.

No wonder Starmer and Mandelson are keeping so quiet about the Rwanda policy.

The UK parliament operates under a grand coalition to the point where it is a one party state.

People have given up on democracy and politicians and would prefer to be run by unelected officials.

If it were any different we would have had a revolution about it already.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to either.

We accept this system, not because it’s the best but because we can’t think, argue, and listen to each other enough to actually come up with a better one.

Even Arsenal football club faced a backlash when it took money from Kagame for a Visit Rwanda advert on all its players’s shirts.

But the amnesia kicks in quick in this country and now Visit Rwanda has an altogether different connotation.

According to the BBC in 2011 Kagame threatened to kill Rwandans in the UK.

In 2014 at Davos Paul Kagame said that one of his ex spy chiefs who was found dead in South Africa was a security threat.

But of course none of that deterred the Blairs or Priti Patel from their grubby deals.

In the post below about Uganda, a country where some of Home Secretary Priti Patel’s family once lived, Cherie Blair and Rwanda are also mentioned.

Bill Gates funds the Tony Blair foundation so it is inconceivable the two of them haven’t had this refugee policy planned for several years.

Whilst this may appear to be a depressing diatribe – it is only by sharing and remembering these stories that we can learn and shine a light on what is being done IN OUR NAME.

Milken, Gates, Kagame, Blair at the Milken Institute

God Bless You All – Seasons Greetings whatever your denomination or orientation!

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  1. rogerglewis says:

    ” it is only by sharing and remembering these stories that we can learn and shine a light on what is being done IN OUR NAME.”


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