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Coal, Gas, & Wind compete to be part of the UK Energy Mix
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UK Government in Coal U-Turn

Last night Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, U-Turned and blocked the application for the deep coalmine near Whitehaven in Cumbria.

Fracking was recently blocked in the UK, despite the government frequently overruling local councils to permit it, and now this coal mine is no longer going ahead.

So why did the Government pour so many resources into talking up fracking, and why did it allow so much time to pass before blocking the coal mine?

It’s a triumph of propaganda that the government can mishandle so many policies and still retain such a strong lead over the opposition.

It’s a Gas Gas Gas

Government steps up carbon intense gas power stations investments via Drax.

Wood you Believe it?

Drax is a big biofuel firm. They import wood from the US to power up the UK.

UK is the world’s biggest importer of wood pellets

German Wind Up

RWE now holds a 50.1% stake in the  400-megawatt Rampion offshore wind farm located off the coast of Sussex

“Confidentiality has been agreed on the purchase price,” RWE said.

Energy 52

Purple Haze

Voodoo Child (Breaks Remix)

What an interesting set of circumstances to find ourselves in.

Britain is hosting the UN COP 26 Climate Summit in November. This means telling developing countries not burn to CO2 – while Britain almost opens up a deep coalmine.

The CO2 coming out of the Drax power stations is also very high. So how can UK be taken seriously when it preaches zero carbon?

The language is often about Zero Covid and Zero carbon. Both are unachievable. But the attack on civil liberties continues.

As these contradictions unfold in real time, it becomes obvious that none of the government’s promises mean anything.

Except concerning the use of force.

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