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Boris Brejcha (Czech pronunciation: [ˈbrɛjxaː]; born November 26, 1981 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein) is a German DJ and record producer. He describes his music style as “High-Tech Minimal.”[1] He uses the venetian carnival mask as his signature look, being inspired by the Carnival in Rio, at the times when he was performing for the first time, in Brazil.[2] Since then, he has been performing at clubs around the world and at some of the biggest festivals such as TomorrowlandTimewarp and Exit festival.[2] Boris and his friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul founded the label “Fckng Serious” in 2015.[3] In August, 2019, he performed for the first time in Ibiza at Hï Ibiza club.[4]

Mask Based Learning

I heard Boris Brejcha for the first time on one of the antilockdown marches last year. There was no trouble and it was all very uplifting. The people there would be described as anti vaxxers today but we were all deeply unimpressed with global government’s attempts to impose martial law on a population that was mainly healthy. Something happened whereby the people with access to power chose to reinterpret the social contract and impose conditions en masse that you could only usually ever get away with on a small scale.

What is the moral of the story?

I believe the population at large were exposed to the kind of abuse that is only usually reserved for minorities.

But because it had been happening under the radar but more or less out in the open for so long it was felt it would be no big deal when the evil was scaled.

But it was a big deal.

The damage done to public trust has been enormous. And we were in an already sinking ship.

Oh well. These things happen. I won’t pretend it’s been easy for people. Death, lies, corruption. But it’s not new.

It’s just that we like to think it happens to other people.

That the state isn’t that bad.

Well the state is run by psychopaths. It has no feeling and nor generally do the people operating it. Not good ones anyway.

That doesn’t mean we should be down. Family, God / Spirituality, Community matter.

If you can’t believe in something bigger than you then you’re going to have problems.

If you feel all the power is yours, then you will go mad and abuse people including yourself.

Let the air out gently or things will pop.

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