Of course Starmer wants to block free speech

So Sir Keir & his fellow paedo lawyers can stop Britain being roused from its diet of 100% 24/7 360° surveillance & programme of subliminal military financialised pavlovian operant conditioning

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3 grams of Utterly Buttery National Pride served up by The Firm
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The unregulated press, i.e. Rupert Murdoch & state / intelligence agencies, wants to regulate social media.

By which we’re talking the few remaining bits of our decentralised communication systems that they don’t yet fully control.

Today’s Sunday Times is pushing this story about a poor 14 year old girl who killed herself after being bullied at school.

The paper is suggesting social media platforms themselves are to blame and therefore we need to regulate social media.

They say this is a particular problem at the Jewish Free School in North London where three pupils have committed suicide in three years.

It is a huge violation of the school and especially its families’s privacy to suddenly turn it into some sort of beacon for internet regulation.

This behaviour is consistent with the ongoing Zionist gentile policy of abusing innocent Jews for the sake of some higher cause that in no way protects their interests or personal security. Hijacking a community’s identity and experience for the sake of achieving an ulterior agenda. Pushing such a divisive narrative can only end in tears.

Labour leader paedo lawyer Sir Keir Starmer and the social media platforms have done a lot to go after left wing activists.

They have mainly accused them of antisemitism by wilfully misinterpreting social media posts, deplatforming them, then expelling them from the party.

Former Human Rights barrister Starmer created the Doughty Street chambers law firm.

It congratulated Starmer on his becoming leader in April 2020.

Doughty congratulates Starmer

In June 2020, the then shadow Justice Minister David Lammy joined Doughty’s books as a fee earning lawyer.

Taken from The Lawyer

On the 3rd November far right VIP paedo Zionist Doughty lawyer Adam Wagner produced the results for Doughty founder Starmer.

As previously mentioned here, Wagner represented the notorious Harvey Proctor with his Doughty colleague Geoffrey Robertson at the (itself bent) inquiry into VIP Westminster child sex abuse.

Robertson wrote in favour of twice convicted Murdoch favourite the Australian paedo cardinal George Pell. Pell had his conviction overturned around the time of the original Johnny Depp Amber Heard case.

Heard’s case was run in conjunction with the Sun (Murdoch) and she was represented by Jen Robinson (Doughty) who was also representing Julian Assange at the time.

So of course Assange had no chance. His team was team Starmer. Team Murdoch. Team paedo.

Let’s have a brief look at Lammy:

December 2021 at a “Jewish Festival”

This info came in at the end of last week.

Gove, a Murdoch man, he attended Murdoch’s wedding along with Priti Patel, is at Bilderberg with David Lammy. A couple of right wrong’uns.

On the make gentile Zionists that wouldn’t think twice about killing a million Jews if it helped their paths of glory.

As they push to regulate social media I doubt they give two hoots about a dead bullied Jewish teenage girl from North London.

Former Ofcom boss Sharon White attended Bilderberg in 2017. I mentioned it on this blog around 2018 when Ofcom asked me to take down a blog post, which I refused to do.

Starmer has to my knowledge represented at least one paedophile in an attempt to gag the BBC and one British soldier who had been convicted of murder in Northern Ireland.

I believe everybody deserves representation, but I also believe that who Starmer has represented and the arguments he has used say a lot about what he is prepared to do and say and what he is capable of doing in the name of furthering his bank account and career.

Perhaps I have left something out of today’s suggestive saunter.

I have (earlier today) nostalgically bounced to some of the following:

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