Russia, Ukraine and the President’s son Hunter Biden

The Ukraine paradox is as follows :

If the US, globally, is just as much of a mafia state as Russia, then it would prioritise making money out of Ukraine rather than actually defending it.

And had Ukraine thrived as an independent nation and had more backing from the US, as Israel does, then surely it wouldn’t have to worry about being invaded by Russia.

So why is thebWestern press making out that Putin invading Ukraine is like Saddam invading Kuwait?

Kuwait was always going to be protected for its oil and Saddam lacked the military might necessary to take on the Americans.

But Russia has an army, weapons, and has already gone into Ukraine.

And America will not go to war with Russia over Ukraine – who benefits apart from arms firms?

How many US troops will be willingly sacrificed for Ukraine?

In recent years America has failed in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia.

So what makes them think anyine believes they can pick a fight with Russia?

And why did America’s current President’s son Hunter Biden take money to be a director of a Ukrainian gas company?

America is weak state and has been for a while.

I don’t think they are in a position to start an occupation of Ukraine but maybe they will be stupid enough to try.

When a campaigning US politician was once told that all right thinking Americans would be voting for him he replied: “I’m afraid that’s not enough. I need a majority.”

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