Trail of Blood leads to Govt’s “fake it ’til you make it” ethos

The double standards coming out of the Times are nothing new. Its a government paper. That’s how it works. Priorities change. New agendas are set. Former friends are hung out to dry. Press rinse. Repeat.

Specialising in being an audience member, punter, citizen, consumer, subject, requires an ability to synthesise contradictions at all levels and live with them either quietly or without causing too much upset.

The best thing that can happen if you do or say anything about these inconsistencies is that you are ignored.

At least that way you can’t get into trouble. If you like putting your thoughts on record and no-one notices then you can carry on for as long as you like.

You won’t ever have to explain yourself and you’ll know you did your bit as best you could.

That is the dilemma I face. Write and not ‘get’ anything out of it or quit whilst I’m behind.

I’ve shared my writing on social media but even if the thing I’m pointing at is of some significance it is hard to see where my writing makes a difference.

It could be that an article contributes to the public consciousness in ways that shouldn’t be measured in terms of hits or shares.

The benefits of losing all hope of influencing debate are that you retain your privacy, and the fluidity of your identity.

Nobody will criticise you for changing position as new info comes in because nobody will notice.

And besides, you get to carry on secretly believing that in the background you’re the one who is really influencing the state of the nation – John Bull.

Or in my case, Ranjan Balakumaran.

The language used in the headline and blurb of this Times article about the Theranos scandal convictions is exactly what should be used when describing the UK Government and the pharmaceutical industry.

The government has used fake statistics and applied the full mainstream media and big tech propaganda machine to push the full vaccines, lockdown, track and trace, QE, and central bank digital currency agenda.

Not forgetting increased mimicking of Chinese social credit and Indian biometric ID card systems.

There have been countless victims and little justification other than propaganda.

It is clear that the majority of the population that have jobs, mortgages, families are wedded to the idea that the government is right about everything and that only the government can communicate on behalf of the scientific community.

It doesn’t appear to cross many people’s minds that there can be such a thing as debate about science and that there can be such a thing as personal choice in matters of individual health.

In other words in many ways we are already living in full blown communism.

The level of psychological intervention has gone beyond mere nudging and we are moving towards the complete normalisation of a health security state.

Where any deviation from the government line makes you a biosecurity threat and merits deplatforming more or less on terrorism charges.

The Borders Bill allows for your citizenship to be stripped if you’re deemed not to be acting in the interests of the country.

But who decides that sort of thing?

It is telling that Blair was given a knighthood this week.

He was into the draconian idea of ID cards and recently told the world that if you’re not vaccinated you’re an idiot. That is how politics works these days.

Blair can say that he is speaking for the majority.

And it is left to Nigel Farage, one of the few people to compete with Blair on the zero ethics front, to champion Novak Djokovic, the unvaccinated tennis player, who is locked up in an Australian detention centre in Melbourne, a city where 15,000 supposedly have covid and he isn’t one of them.

Djokovic is more likely to catch covid where he is than anywhere else.

Thankfully he is fit and healthy and says he has antibodies. It is amazing how vindictive people are against him. Is it cos he is Serb?

He is in a detention centre where someone has been there 9 years, since he was 15, and has committed no crimes he is simply a refugee.

This centre is like Guantanomo Bay camp X Ray in Cuba, set up by George W Bush, where people are held without charge and there is no real regulation.

Meanwhile Joe Biden, like Donald Trump, seeks to extradite Julian Assange for highlighting the war crimes committed during the time of Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Biden withdrew from Afghanistan but refuses to drop the charges against Assange.

There is a general election in Australia this year.

This, as well as NATO membership makes a difference. Serbia was illegally bombed by Clinton and Blair in 1999 and the UK has recently announced its anti China Indo Pacific tilt.

So don’t expect Boris Johnson to speak up for Djokovic.

Australian PM Scott Morrison is likely advised by Lynton Crosby who also advises Boris.

Australia has also been very aggressive toward China as it fears being trampled by its superpower neighbour to whom it sells lots of coal.

France was upset to be recently cut out of a major nuclear submarine deal with Australia but it seems to have recovered and is focusing on selling weapons elsewhere and conducting its own Bill Gates backed terror campaign on its own people.

Macron has an election coming up too. He doesn’t appear to have rivals but won’t fancy facing Marine LePen in the second round in May.

He says he wants to “emmerder” the unvaccinated which has been variously translated as ‘hassle’ and ‘piss off’ but I like to say ‘shit on’ or ‘throw shit at’.

The FT newspaper has backed Australia and France in their approach to making life difficult for the unvaccinated.

This at a time where decisions have to be made about whether 4th and 5th doses and boosters are justified and, if so, why are so many vaxxed individuals getting covid?

However much this all unravels the spinners are constantly invited onto the radio and television to stop us considering whether we should change course.

Our politicians and scientists are deferred to permanently by our TV presenters. Even when they are shown to be utterly corrupt on every level.

But the good thing is that we can see this more and more clearly.

I get good info sent to me from friends I’ve recently met and ones that I have known for years.

All are hardworking and just want to get on with their lives.

But when they see abuse more and more frequently they have to question if things really are going to be for the best.

I continue to think things will work out. But we need to be community minded.

Blast from the Past

This was Andrew Neil on Steve Baker from a few years ago. When he was good he was good.

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