Desperate for “sensible” Celebs to promote Covid Vaccines, UK Government enlists GCHQ & Army in War on Sceptics

The NHS is thinking of asking “sensible” celebrities to persuade the public into taking the soon to be available coronavirus vaccine, according to newspaper reports.

Ministers are alarmed at the impact that online propaganda is having on public opinion. A recent report found that more than one-third of people are uncertain or are very unlikely to be vaccinated.

Footballer Marcus Rashford is the only name that has been suggested.

The NHS source says the Royal Family are being considered, but politicians are off the table.

The army’s 77th brigade contains a defence cultural unit which was set up in 2010 and works closely with psychological operations teams.

It is claimed that soldiers are monitoring ‘cyberspace’ for Covid19 content to analyse how British citizens are being targetted online.

Is this team that was supposed to protect Shamima Begum from being radicalised online?

According to the Sunday Times the team is gathering ‘vaccine disinformation’ from hostile states including Russia.

The stock market has certainly benefitted from the vaccine

And it is well know that government Ministers’ friends benefited to the tune of billions of pounds from PPE contracts.

So why, given the enormous amount of corruption taking place, wouldn’t the public be rightly sceptical of anything proposed by such a dishonest government?

Yesterday this blog revealed that Matthew Gould, head of NHSX and this country’s former Cybersecurity Chief, had no qualms telling NHS staff to ignore data protection legislation if they felt it got in their way.

When intelligent highly trained civil servants and politicians are openly and serially ignoring the rule of law the British public will know that something is up.

The right-wing Daily Telegraph has pointed out that Elvis Presley was photographed receiving his shots for polio on the Ed Sullivan show

And for Typhus, Tetanus, and Asian Flu when entering the Army.

Will the Army be going after Belfast Blues singer Van Morrison?

Or Manchester’s Ian Brown?


Court of Protection still Above the Law

The Daily Mail has been one of the only periodicals to cover the permanent scandal taking place at the Court of Protection.

Here’s the story:

Here’s the Editorial:

I have long said that when the Mail is bad it is evil but that when it is good it is brilliant.

Christopher Booker, who passed away last year, used his Sunday Telegraph column to, amongst other things, report on the war against families and specifically senior citizens being conducted by the Family Courts and Court of Protection.

Now that we are entering a period of draconian legal power grabs, there is no reason why the Family Courts and Courts of Protection wouldn’t find a way of granting themselves and their select clients yet more anonymised and unaccountable power.

This is from John at the the Slog (the one I just reblogged):

Roger Lewis discussed raised this with me yesterday: