ECB Traditional Nazis label all their critics . . . Neo-Nazis

Traditional Nazis vs Neo-Nazis — Germany decides!

The Infinite Meaning of Meaning

Some people see meaning when it just isn’t there. But maybe it is – just not in the way you think. And who am I to presume what you’re (not) thinking? Start again. There is meaning. Perhaps more meaning. Than. I. Realised. But the pre-meditated, agenda-pushing, social engineering nature of this message may not be… Continue reading The Infinite Meaning of Meaning

What happened to that €1.1 trillion ?

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Handing €1.1 trillion of public money to ANONYMOUS bankers with no publicly available audit trail is an act so corrupt as to be beyond comprehension. Yet that is what has happened to residents of that well known museum — the European Union. Inventing Money… Continue reading What happened to that €1.1 trillion ?

Failure of Bazookanomics – ECB QE

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) monthly Quantitative Easing (QE) Programme prevents banks, pension funds, and insurance companies from accessing traditional low risk investments and forces them to take on more risk by buying lower quality investments. This has a serious knock-on effect: the more risk we take with our money the more recklessly large firms will behave in our name and the… Continue reading Failure of Bazookanomics – ECB QE