The Judge’s Mum, The Law, & Client Earth

Trump’s appointment Neil Gorsuch is the son of Reagan’s EPA Head Anne Gorsuch.

She did her best to destroy it.



But apparently her gutting of the EPA led to major developments in the field of environmental law.

I’ve been reading about some of this in Lawyers James Thornton and Martin Goodman’s new book, Client Earth.

Whereas Thornton and Goodman say their Client is the Earth, Gorsuch proudly states his client is … The Law.

Encore une fois, industry, via dead letters, attempts to short change the planet.


Transgender Tournaments

Every society has its customs.

Harvest seasonally celebrates good weather and a community’s ability to feed itself.

And mating rituals, often hierarchical, involve male displays of physical excellence and material resourcefulness to attract reproductive females.

But when societies code their rules using abstract tools like language then inherent ambiguities and opportunities for conflict undoubtedly emerge.

in 2015 Feminist Germaine Greer was ‘no-platformed’ for her views on gender.

Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was also no-platformed for showing Greer  support.


Applied Linguistic Subversion

So is Political Correctness driving Cultural Revolution?

Or the other way round?

Aristotelian Dualism Vs 21st Century Non-Binary

Is post-modernism fueling post-truth & transgender politics?

Washington Post Washington Post

Multilayered Meta-Misinterpretations

As every bit of language is now deconstructed to its most ambiguous form.

An atomised society full of polarised people.

The best way to undermine a ridiculous law is to apply it to the letter.

But the interim injustice must be tolerated for how long?

Minority rule was frowned upon in Zimbabwe and Apartheid South Africa but minorities rights everywhere ought to be protected too.

Equal opportunity is complicated – but surely worth it.