Dreaming of a Brown Brexit

The Cad Fad Congratulations, Boris Johnson. You lied and cheated your way to the top. But politics is a dirty game and you didn’t create the conflict — just amplified what was already there. It would be unfair to pretend you aren’t a shrewd operator. That your recent partnership with Tory PR Queen Carrie Symonds… Continue reading Dreaming of a Brown Brexit

Ali Parsa, NHS Privatiser & Babylon Health CEO, attends Butchers without Borders

Why would UK-based “health entrepreneur”, ex-Goldman Investment Banker, Babylon Health CEO, Ali Parsa attend Butchers without Borders in Saudi Arabia?

BREAKING: Blood-soaked Babylon Health CEO taints NHS by attending Davos in the Desert

NHS provider Babylon Health’s CEO will attend blood soaked Davos in the Desert investment conference in Saudi Arabia this Tuesday.