Paedo Brino ( Breitbart Remix )

British politics is simply dominated by Paedophiles. Twas ever thus. Today’s General Election proves that. Winners by a clear margin were Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Mandelson, Harvey Proctor, Enoch Powell, & arch-enabler Theresa Villiers. Villiers as pointed out here three weeks ago in Gagged in Golders was the Northern Ireland Secretary in 2015 who shut down… Continue reading Paedo Brino ( Breitbart Remix )

Who gives Jews a Bad Name?

Monday’s Sun ran with Pro-Israel Maureen Lipman’s declaration that Jeremy Corbyn has turned her into a Tory. Lipman’s loyalty to Israel is no secret — she renounced Labour membership under Ed Miliband. The Sun might seem to speak up for Jews but, in the case of Ed Miliband, the son of Ralph Miliband, a prominent… Continue reading Who gives Jews a Bad Name?