Vaz Quits in latest round of Post-Brexit Coup d’état


Keith Vaz

Vaz Quits

Pillar of the establishment, Keith Vaz, has just resigned his position after being caught paying rent boys to have sex with him in his £2 million North London home.

After the recent “Brexit” coup d’état the May junta has decided to do some housecleaning and give new home secretary Amber Rudd the wiggle room her status demands.

Vaz, as Chairmen of the Home Affairs Select Committee, wielded enormous influence overseeing current Prime Minister Theresa May’s paedophile cover-ups throughout her 6 years as Home Secretary.

Child Sex Abuse

Midlands based researchers and disability rights campaigners first informed me of the wide reaching implications of having Vaz chair the home affairs select committee which was particularly lacklustre in its desire to investigate or protect vulnerable young people from Child Sexual Abuse.

It has long been speculated that there was dirt on Vaz. His defence of Greville Janner in 1992 showed he kept dubious company.

Many find it suspicious that he was a Council solicitor for Margaret Hodge (another Blairite former chair of a sensitive Select Committee) during her controversial time at Islington and at Richmond council during the period of much paedophile activity at Elm House, Barnes.


A former Minister for Europe, perhaps his strongly pro-European views counted against him.

Although Amber Rudd campaigned for Remain she bears all the hallmarks of the pragmatist — more so even than Vaz.

Either way, time has been called on Vaz’s tenure. There must be more dirt on him. I wonder when or if it will come out.

Next up

Prepare for speculation on which media-friendly MP will now be brought in next — how much for Chuka Ummuna?


Corbyn ‘delighted’ Remain Camp Boss just two days before EU Referendum

Jeremy Corbyn delighted Remain Boss, Roland Rudd, with his multiple TV appearances & speeches in the run-up to the EU referendum vote.

Rudd admitted this on Bloomberg TV two days before the vote.

The exact quote is at 3m 37s:

Yet Angela Eagle, Hillary Benn, Chuka Umunna, & Seema Malhotra have repeatedly claimed Corbyn did not do enough.

They can’t all be right.

Iraq Cover Up

So many Labour MPs voted for the Iraq war, Tuition Fees, and for airstrikes on Syria — they all wanted Corbyn out of the way before last week’s Chilcot Iraq Inquiry.

Therefore ‘Blairites’ blame Corbyn for their own inability to defend the EU.

Disdain for Democracy

New Labour’s disdain for democracy becomes clearest when nominating successors.

Coming up with a challenger to Corbyn, has put them in total disarray.


How ironic that — given their individual ambition — New Labour dinosaurs are incapable of leadership or collective decision-making.

What Next?

What will they do next to persuade the country to vote for them?

More Project Fear?

No Charisma

Angela Eagle is an experienced parliamentarian but has no charisma and was never more than a junior minister.


Her wooden PMQ’s performance in December 2015 against the equally wooden George Osborne was obviously stage-managed with both sides’s lines seemingly written by the same team.

Perhaps a clue lies in the fact that Angela Eagle shared the same Pro-EU platform with Roland Rudd’s sister Amber Rudd in the week before the Referendum.

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