Government U-Turns & Zuck on BBC

Yesterday the UK Government scrapped its policy to charge foreign health workers to use the health service.

Earlier the government also changed the policy that would have allowed partners of bereaved NHS support staff to be immediately deported.

This clip from Sky TV ends by saying that the public mood has changed and so has government policy.

And what is the chief driver of the public mood?

Opinion forming newspapers and television channels.

And Facebook:

In this interview from yesterday Mark Zuckerberg says he has taken down hundreds of thousand of posts that he disagrees with and that he expects an ‘arms race’ in the next US election.

He was referring to outside interference, but who’s to say he won’t pick a winner and act accordingly?

FB’s business model allows candidates to spread disinformation so long as they pay.

So the biggest threat to democracy comes from Zuck himself.

Of course BBC’s Simon Jack didn’t ask Zuck to explain his company’s involvement in the last Tory landslide election.


Dr Sarah Wollaston — the woman who backed TTIP & BREXIT

Wollaston U TurnDouble U-Turn

Sarah Wollaston, chair of the Health Select Committee, joined the Brexit camp for a few weeks and then left it a few days before the Sun came out for Brexit. 

The government had previously relied on her statements in favour of TTIP in January 2015 before she then U-turned in favour of Brexit.

No newspaper mentioned her U-turn on TTIP at the time. One political journalist told me he remembered the pathetic Demarty assurance she received from the European Commission on how TTIP would not affect the NHS.

Political Pirouette

Wollaston has now performed a perfect political pirouette and gone back to Remain.

Like a blend of Clare Short leaving the Blair administration only after the Iraq War had been declared, and Iain Duncan Smith leaving the government after destroying so many lives through austerity,  Wollaston has jumped ship, on both occasions, after doing the British people much more harm than good.