Tories to join forces with UKIP, say Huff Post sources

Tories to join forces with UKIP, say Huff Post sources

The Conservative Party has struck a deal with UKIP and won’t field a candidate in the upcoming Stoke by-election, it was alleged yesterday.

The story, reported by Martha Gill of the Huffington Post, has not yet been fully picked up by bigger media outlets.

John McDonnell’s press secretary James Mills tweeted:

But is it True?

One can understand Mills’s frustration, but is it true the Tories won’t field a candidate?

According to Wikipedia in the 2015 Stoke Central General Election the Tory candidate got just 33 votes less than the UKIP candidate.

And the Chancellor was actually in Brexit-backing Stoke only yesterday to talk about the Government’s new ‘hands on’ Industrial Strategy:

Stoke Conservatives who run the City Council in a coalition with independents tweeted:

Hardly the behaviour of a party that won’t field a candidate.

In fact the Tory Deputy Leader of the Council was out canvassing this weekend :

The Tories will apparently be choosing their candidate tomorrow night – on the same night as Labour:

Esther McVey on UKIP’s Chances

Former Tory Welfare Minister Esther McVey was on Marr a couple of weeks ago talking up UKIP’s chances in Stoke:

But grassroots Tories are unwilling to cede a single vote, let alone seat, to UKIP or Labour:

Despite all this grassroots sentiment would the Tory Party Strategists still gift a seat to UKIP?

To many such pragmatism could be a step too far.

From Nasty to Neo-Nazi

In the eyes of many this could shift the Tories from the Nasty Party to the Neo-Nazi Party

Dramatic Turnaround

As for Stoke Central itself, wouldn’t it be something for them to lose their Old Etonian former shadow cabinet member to the Victoria and Albert Museum and to replace him with a UKIP leader who to many is nothing more than a neo-fascist thug?

Nuttall once stood for the Conservatives in Bootle, his hometown, before becoming a UKIP MEP.

The following story appeared in yesterday’s Evening Standard in London.


Should you find yourself in Stoke this week the Repertory Theatre is staging : One Man Two Guvnors


Video: White America rejects American Values


The American Legislative Exchange Council are in the ascendant. Most Brits don’t even know who they are.

But they hold the real clout around here.

Trump Aide: Japanese Internment Camps are Precedent for a Muslim Registry


White America rejects American Values

Trump voters claim not to be racist but many voted to deport Latinos and target Muslims.

In the following film one educated Trump voter claims rhetoric about rapidly building walls and expelling immigrants is “imprudent” but ultimately in the right direction.



The women claiming not to be racist refer to ‘rugged individualism’, not accepting ‘handouts from the government’ (Universal Healthcare) and sit next to posters promoting guns while talking about having to be ‘on guard’ around people of other races.

The same types of megalomaniac are now running the UK.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence is a member of ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council.

They have links in the UK. Liam Fox and Dan Hannan have spoken at their conferences. Dangerous lot.

Most Brits don’t even know who they are. But they hold the real clout around here.

Speaking of ALEC



Lord Farage

Sunday Times are reporting that Nigel Farage may be made a Lord.

The #MayJunta are unlikely to object as they’re courting the very UKIP voters that Farage himself cultivated.

Would it be a step too far to start calling him a Tory?