No Such Thing as a Joke

Some things might make you laugh. But what does that actually mean? That you are actually happy? Or that you are scared? And desperate not to suffer. That you love the government? That you hate what you’re asked to hate? And love what you’re told to love? Bread and circus. Just as Marxism refers to fickle capital looking for the greatest latest rate of return. So to do we laugh at the latest media constructed target of our manufactured sentiment. It’s not that we can’t feel emotion. It’s more that the emotions we feel are being dictated and directed by others. By spin doctors and propagandists. There is a huge psychoanalytical side to this. It is not without consequence. There are winners and losers. Should you choose to play the game, and it is hard not to, your feelings will harden and you will block out the empathy that you would normally generate towards other human beings. By the time you’re far enough down the line you will have little chance of connecting with the human being inside you. Radicalisation and activation of psychopathy starts young. In some senses it is done on purpose by the state, corporations, local government, the education system, all of which have been to some degree or other captured by the profit motive, the need to survive according to very particular doctrines & hierarchies of motivation. And that is now OK. It is happening no matter what. What does it mean to deprogramme? To divert oneself from the path that has been chosen for you and the rest of society? To do that, one needs to be awake. Not always an easy undertaking.

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