UK Universities to give away football tickets, iPads, & Masters Degrees

UK Universities are adopting aggressive marketing strategies to compete in the Global Higher Education supermarket according to today’s Sunday Times.

As well as offering free masters, iPads, and Premier League Football tickets, Universities are also incentivising overseas students to recruit their spouses and siblings.

The Sunday Times editorial wonders how long before students at Oxford are offered action figures of Cecil Rhodes and, in the case of St Andrews, the chance to marry a member of the royal family.

It claims that “Universities are now so desperate for custom they could teach supermarkets a thing or two about sales.”

Surely it would be more appropriate to compare universities with banking cartels.

iPads and Premier League tickets make for great teasers but — after recent Brexit downgrades — how long before the universities start also offering haircuts?

Cameron and Letwin plotted to cap bank tax

The Sunday Times claim a leaked document has revealed that David Cameron and Oliver Letwin wanted to “cap taxes for the banks”.

According to the leaked memo Letwin endorsed Cameron’s plans for an “aggregated City tax take” which would have prevented the government from increasing the banking levy.

The cap on the banking levy was proposed in the early days of the coalition, but was blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

The memo reveals that Letwin suggested that a cap on taxes should have started with a “small club” of high street banks belonging to the British Bankers Association.

“If this worked, we could move on to the hedge funds”, Letwin added.

When asked about the bank tax proposal yesterday Letwin claimed to have “absolutely no recollection”.