UK Food System in Dire Straits

Will UK Government’s failure to inspire trust in UK farmers lead to post-Brexit food shortages?


Vinca Petersen I walked past photographer Vinca Petersen‘s exhibition at EDEL ASSANTI on Mortimer Street in London yesterday. Some of the images on display are taken from the 90s Teknival Scene and Reclaim the Streets. Edel Assanti organises photography exhibitions and events, such as London Gallery Weekend, in London and throughout the UK. Established in…

Murdoch, Kissinger, Wolfensohn, Cohn

I love the way these guys preach borderless globalism one day and merciless flag-waving the next. Gaslighting-as-a-service In 2000 Rupert Murdoch hosted a discussion on the Global Role of the UnitedStates in the 21st Century. The main speaker was the then World Bank head James Wolfensohn. It was moderated by Henry Kissinger. Australian American Wolfensohn,…

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey in another corrupt Media PR operation

Andrew Bailey is referred to in this FT piece as though he has some sort of track record preventing fraud. He doesn’t. For some reason, “comments have not been enabled for this article” Bailey was asked about lessons learned from the London Capital & Finance scandal. The scandal itself is barely mentioned in the article….

How the City went Woke ?

Woke This Way The Times of London tends to issue anti-woke UK Government propaganda from behind a paywall. A paywall that is thankfully not impossible to bypass. In today’s business section is the following offering: It is interesting to see the word ‘woke’ used when referring to the City. As if to imply that the…