Telling Tales Exhibition

Curated by artist Alex Fox, the show Telling Tales at Lea Bridge Library’s Pavillion, brings together eleven artists across different disciplines, all who have been inspired by folklore and story telling. 

A fun evening at the Lea Bridge Library last night catching up with Alex Fox who was very much en famille.

I particularly liked his mother’s work which she tells me was sent off to the Royal Academy just a few hours before Alex was born.

Obviously some Morris dancers showed up in full garb, with fiddles.

Mr Fox tried to convince me this was random.

At which point I saw his rent-a-ghost style self portrait.

On a tasseled tambourine.

My curiosity sated, and having caught up with the rest of the cunning Reynards, off I slipped, into the night.

Popped into the legendary CNR Cafe Restaurant in Soho on the way home and took a couple of snaps of Piccadilly Circus and the Xmas display at Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly.

I wasn’t drunk, despite appearances – just happy to be out and about in town, with camera, in the run up to Xmas.

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