The Anti Growth Coalition

So called environmental activists (on the payroll) after interrupting Liz Truss’s Anti Growth Coalition Speech in Birmingham

I used to hang around with an NHS campaigner who habitually referred to anyone who got in her way as being ‘Controlled Opposition’.

I remain convinced that , on a case by case basis, it could be argued that each person she pointed to was indeed “on the wrong side”.

But suddenly, on occasion, the suggestion would be made that even I was of dubious provenance.

I’ve still no idea if this was implied out of general frustration or if it was actually believed.

In activist circles there tends to be a bit of a guilt trip and blame culture – that so and so isn’t pulling his / her weight – that they are not committed enough to the cause – that they are only here to sabotage – and that they are police / part of the privatisation.

There is an inquiry currently taking place into undercover policing – the person carrying it out has taken lots of steps to protect the police officers involved so it doesn’t appear much is being done to properly inform the public about what officers have been prepared to do in the name of “justice”.

Here’s a list of some of the infiltrated activist groups. It is, I assume, by no means exhaustive.

The women in the photo above work for Greenpeace – I happened to be in Birmingham when they heckled Liz Truss during her conference speech – they let me photo them in the bar afterwards.

But when I asked to interview them, their handler said she’d need clearance – and then the computer said no.

Welcome to the world of celebrity activism – where you can get attention for interrupting the Prime Minister on national TV and say no to a blogger who asks you for a few seconds of your time to ask you for your side of the story.

Were they scared of me and my truth to power form of journalism? I think not.

I’m more inclined to believe that they had a mission, possibly with clearance from high up in the Conservative Party, ie pro-Rishi supporters. And that interacting with opportunistic me was completely surplus to requirements. So a win-win for them.

And for incestuous faustian dealmakers everywhere. Why should a green activist have any self respect when they have corporate money and MSM platforms? The thing to do is redefine self respect. And start quantifying in terms of direct debits, air time, and “bums on streets”.

I remember once asking the late David Graeber how he felt about the professionalisation and bureaucratisation of activism. He said it was a subject he could talk at length to me about but sadly never did..

Of course PM Rishi dropped fracking as soon as he got in. Consistent with Boris Johnson’s stance. But he also claimed to be against illegal activity by environmental protestors.

Uniformed cops to pretend they’re pursuing on the payroll activists (& undercover cops)

Who we now know will be infiltrated and many of whose actions will be instigated by agents of the state. But of course the various UK government rags will perpetuate the Punch and Judy political pantomime – for as long as it pays the bills.

Saj throws in the towel

Sajid has always had the knack of timing things right – for Sajid.

He got out of Deutsche Bank in 2009 – having sold toxic CDOs in Singapore which, like Sunak’s trades at Goldman and thereafter, helped investors lose their money and provoked the 2008 global financial crisis.

And having milked the financial system, he became an MP in 2010 and started milking the political one.

Funnily enough Sunak worked for billionaire hedge fund manager Chris Hohn – who bankrolled … Extinction Rebellion – Hohn’s philanthropy in 2019 would have helped breathe new life into the climate movement – I wonder if his former employee Rishi thinks that he too, on £1.57 million a day, is also part of the anti-growth coalition?

Back to Sajid – there are reports that many other Tories are quitting – up to 70.

I wonder how many of the replacement candidates will be black and / or brown?

Cameron ensured that black and brown candidates were selected when he was leader but will Sunak, who arguably benefited from that decision, take the same view?

Things are kicking off re: Twitter and Biden’s laptop. Looks like Matt Taibbi who has done great work in the past is positioning himself with Musk against the old Twitter guard.

Taibbi didn’t seem conservative before – but maybe now he is being given data, platform and money, bills need to be paid…

Looks like Channel Four are giving Google a free pass to claim they are helping the disabled, while their business model likely pushes eugenics

If you have got this far you might have the required stamina for this video with Extinction Rebellion co-founder George Barda – George is eloquent, verbose, and rarely does interviews these days – but worth listening to if you want to know about some of the thinking behind XR .

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