Why Murdoch loves a Paedo

Referent Power

Referent power as explained to me a few years ago, is when you walk into a room and everyone knows that that story on the front of the evening paper was put there by you.

So who’s constantly putting Prince Harry on the front page of the papers as a traitor and simultaneously rehabilitating the till now far more notorious for being a nonce Prince Andrew?

Jeffrey Epstein liked saying he wasn’t a criminal, merely an offender. Likening his own child trafficking conviction to stealing a bagel.

Whilst breaking bread with Peter Mandelson, Bill Gates, MBS, Prince Andrew and former Barclays boss Jes Staley.

Epstein had Murdoch’s numbers

Why Murdoch loves Paedos

It’s a kompromat thing. The more compromised you are the more likely you are to do someone’s bidding. But they have to have the dirt on you.

Other developments have occured in the last few weeks – I wouldn’t say they are all happening in sync with each other but by the time any of them make the papers they have usually been sanitised by UK government and other state PR and corporate operators.

Let us continue to raise awareness of these operations.

The paedo friendly press may be powerful but it too has to follow a certain playbook, a set of principles if you will.

When operations contradict principles then official narratives crumble.

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