Osborne to Chair British Museum where Nigel Boardman, BoJo’s pick to whitewash the Government Greensill inquiry, is already Deputy Chair

Nigel Boardman, who Boris Johnson handpicked to run the post-Greensill review of high level corrupt appointments, is also a trusteeĀ and should now resign from both positions

Murdoch, Kissinger, Wolfensohn, Cohn

I love the way these guys preach borderless globalism one day and merciless flag-waving the next. Gaslighting-as-a-service In 2000 Rupert Murdoch hosted a discussion on the Global Role of the UnitedStates in the 21st Century. The main speaker was the then World Bank head James Wolfensohn. It was moderated by Henry Kissinger. Australian American Wolfensohn,…