Another Bank of England bait & switch operation

The Times reports that the Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey is publishing a book titled “Can’t we just print more money?”, with images of flying pigs on the cover.

It also says that the Bank of England printed £895 billion pounds under what it termed Quantitative Easing

No mention is made of the Government’s furlough scheme which was used to keep companies and employees afloat during the government imposed lockdown.

Could furlough payments be termed Helicopter Money, designed, unlike the Bank of England’s version of QE, to go directly to citizens.

The problem with the £895 billion QE programme is that nobody really knows what happened to the money.

It probably just went to banks.

It certainly didn’t go to normal citizens who instead have been dealing with austerity.

We have seen on this blog already that Andrew Bailey is a criminal operator.

He covers up bank fraud daily.

These are not victimless crimes.

People kill themselves when they are robbed by banks who are desperate to shore up their balance sheets.

We just never hear about it in the right context because BBC business and financial journalists generally are not rewarded for covering fraud that has been committed by big banks.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert cover the implications of Central Bank QE, inflation, and the problems of an overcentralised financial system very well.

Professor Richard Werner, who coined the term QE, is another of the few commentators who makes perfect sense on these and other matters including central bank digital currencies as a surveillance tool and the over centralisation of Western banking systems. His interviews are essential viewing.

Here are some of the comments from below the line.

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