Jubilee Britain: “when it comes to blacks, I’m with Enoch,”

Taken from this morning’s Daily Mail
The Mac Daddy of Right Wing Journos, Andrew Neil

There’s nothing wrong with putting these photos next to each other. We live in a supposedly free society in which one ought to be able to express oneself freely on any subject.

Juxtaposing white UK police taking the knee in 2020 to atone for the killing of George Floyd in America with a black British citizen wearing a Union Flag suit, tie and hat holding a Jubilee flag is bound to provoke conflicted emotions.

But what is the purpose of this artistic endeavour?

It’s propaganda. And who benefits from it?

Andrew Neil who wrote the article is particularly out of touch when it comes to these matters.

He can quote some stats about racial harmony that have been handed to him by his friends at the Spectator – which he Chairs – and which was once edited by Boris Johnson.

But Andrew Neil’s Spectator is a bastion of white supremacy. The chances of a non-white person writing for it regularly are zero. And yet it crows about how the woke mob has won and destroyed the very fabric of our society.

I actually like reading the Spectator. It is very well written. The analysis of politics is from a very right wing perspective and the right wing are in power. So it makes sense to follow them. Many of them are close friends with the people they report on.

James Forsyth’s best man at his wedding to Allegra Stratton was Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Assistant editor Mary Wakefield’s husband is Dominic Cummings. Other assistant editor Isabel Hardman is married to Zionist gentile Lord Walney the anti-Corbyn ex Labour MP who Boris put in the House of Lords to attack left wing activists.

The anti woke agenda has been alive and kicking among the agenda setters for some years. They railed against the nanny state, health and safety, taxes, immigration, law and order, & the NHS, but they stay quiet when it comes to government looting and corporate crime.

The resources that they have are marshalled to encourage the government to drop its anti obesity drive, in favour of supermarket profits, while minimising local authority, NHS, and welfare budgets. Spend money on the military but not on healthcare or education, they say. These are the people who run the country.

As this is unlikely to change for a while one shouldn’t feel bad mentioning it.

The opposition leader Keir Starmer is an amoral individual who sold his soul to the devil many years ago.

It is only by developing new political parties and new political systems that we can achieve any moderate change in this country – otherwise we will remain overrun by fraudsters who are mere front people for large corporations.

Back to the image at the top – I decided to look up the “I’m with Enoch” quote and it turns out it’s used in Curry and Chips by Johnny Speight. I would like to read more of Speight’s work. I really like it. I think by today’s standards he’s easily misunderstood – even by his fans.

But then we go back to the philosophical question of whether you really said something if everybody believes you said something that you never said.

Society doesn’t like people who tell it that it is wrong. So those of us who occasionally notice things that don’t add up are discouraged from saying so. Instead the way we are expected to behave is to silently join in with the propagation of the fairy story. Don’t burst the bubble because if you do we’ll come after you.

So not only must you not call out the lies – you must actively repeat them – such is the conduct expected in a totalitarian regime – except in a totalitarian regime such conduct is involuntary – here it is expected of you. You can choose to happily submit or unhappily defy. Do you want to miserably disgrace, bore and impoverish your friends and family by speaking the truth at every juncture, or will you be pleasant company while only focusing on the how great the government and corporations are?

Which side are you on?

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