Browder, Magnitsky, & the City of London looting machine

Fascinating Tweet from US turned British former Hermitage Hedge Fund operator Bill Browder who became a billionaire in the Russian disaster capitalist world of the 1990s.

All the replies relate to another fascinating country Uganda.

The leader of Uganda Museveni has been in charge for 37 years.  

Browder always goes on about his dead lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and says the Russian government murdered him.

But it turns out Magnitsky was actually an accountant and Browder really was convicted of looting in Russia.

The idea is that he was doing it for big  banks like HSBC.

In a way this is what Idi Amin accused the Indian community of doing in Uganda.

Draining the country.

So its funny to see African Ugandans who object to looting clinging so strongly to the messages of someone who stands accused of doing it himself – Browder.

But Browder has convinced the Tory government and other governments to pass the Magnitsky act which makes it ok to confiscate suspicious money.

I don’t believe we are talking about unexplained wealth orders but maybe something very similar.

I would like to think that confiscated money goes back to its original owner.

Does that mean UK will now pay Iran the debt it has been asked for in return for Nazanin Ratcliffe?

Will the Chinese government now be receiving the truckloads of cash that goes “over the border” into HSBC accounts in Hong Kong?

This all seems highly unlikely.

But if you pay off the UK government then you can keep your transnational money. And if you don’t then maybe it can be stolen.

That sounds like the logic to me.

By the way this is some footage floating around of Browder – I don’t fully understand the implications but the direction is quite clear.

The story below, from this site, from April has a link to the banned film about Bill Browder. It was pulled from film festivals and taken down from YouTube as part of the wider effort to whitewash Browder’s rep and bolster the UK US case against Russia.

I’m all for people confronting each other in non violent ways but telling blatant lies over and over again to your own people is probably not the best way of gaining trust.

When BOJO, Dominic Raab, Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak, & Bill Browder so obviously engage in shenanigans all it does is make people have even less desire to engage with the system.

Is this part of Vladimir Putin’s plan to destabilise global institutions by generating confusion as referenced by Adam Curtis in his sections on PR man and Tupac fan Vladimir Surkov?

Who would have thought UK and US would end up making it so easy for him?

And then you have what happened in Court this week with Venezuela.

The UK Government and Bank of England can recognise Juan Guaido as head of Venezuela and give him access to $1billion plus worth of Gold because they conveniently consider him to be the unelected leader of Venezuela not the elected Nicolas Maduro.

Smacks of a constitutional divorce ruling where Mistress Guaido gets to keep the house.

Would Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher have done the same for Osama bin Laden when he took on the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 80s?

Oh no back then they didn’t have to – they had BCCI.

“Dirty Mummy”

Welcome to Post Brexit London, where dirty money becomes clean and clean money becomes dirty

Son I am thirty, I only went with yer mummy cos she’s dirty

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