ADL: Antisemitism is a conspiracy theory

The message coming out of this clickbaity CNN report appears to be designed for the American Market.

Which is that Antisemitism is being classed as a conspiracy theory. But what makes a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy theorist?

Someone who questions an official narrative?

In healthy societies people will be allowed to speculate about what is going on, who is doing what, and who is doing whom.

That’s not just gossip, it’s a survival tool.

As a non American I cringed when I saw the ADL CEO claim that Antisemitism is a conspiracy theory and that there is simply no validity to what Donald Trump is quoted as saying. In the UK, until recently, Jewish influence in Parliament and at Number 10 was barely ever publicly discussed.

But bit by bit during the days of New Labour the Sunday Times in particular ran stories about Labour Donors and then, under Cameron, more stories about Tory Donors.

While in some ways lobbying might be thought of as one pound one vote the topic has always been a bit of a dirty secret and there is a lot more to it than that.

Look up Ian Greer Associates for a picture of what it was was like in the 80s and 90s.

One result of pulled punches on lobbying and corruption, particularly with regard to following it up and getting results when it has been proven, is billions of pounds of covid contracts to Ministers’ contacts which have led to precisely zero resignations.

Owen Paterson voluntarily resigned over House Of Commons procedures linked to his corrupt activities but not the corruption itself.

They say the cover up is worse than the crime, in Paterson’s case it was the cover up that was so badly bungled.

Back to the CNN video, the idea that Israel has no influence in Washington is laughable. Of course it does. AIPAC is alive and well in the US and I would be surprised if an equivalent organisation doesn’t sponsor, mentor, train or guide MPs advisers in the UK House of Commons. If you have expertise in running and winning political campaigns then you are indispensable in politics. It would be absurd to think of MPs turning down the chance to work with the most experienced political campaigners.

I will let you draw your own conclusions re: the rest of the conversation between the two CNN interlocutors.

But one last point.

If Donald Trump said a single true thing then he was not given credit for it. If he clumsily argued any point then he was not allowed to be interpreted loosely or favourably in any way.

If someone made any of the points he made less forcefully they would have been listened to with no drama.

By cancelling Trump and making an example of him simply for stating his opinions as well as some facts the people over at CNN and ADL are creating a moral hazard in which their conduct and views become acceptable and anyone who makes any points that they don’t like is labelled a conspiracy theorist.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging Jewish and Israeli power and that there are a range of views in any group of people.

Yes Trump is cringe but these guys are worse. Thanks for attending today’s sermon.

The digital pulpit is still in session, I give way to the chaps over at CNN.

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