French to impose digital caste system on unvaccinated

Europe was once sold as a liberal dream.

With few backers more enthusiastic than The Economist.

But suddenly the mask has slipped

These white liberals (very definitely not all white) who were always up for military interventions against brown people now reveal their true colours.

Take Ann McElvoy, senior editor at the Economist.

This woman, who claims to be a Liberal, thinks it is OK to punish those who have chosen not to be vaccinated by forcing them to be vaccinated.

How can a flu virus from China that actually kills so few people suddenly be the thing that everyone is forced to vaccinate against?

Warmongers and health privatisers like McElvoy have to keep their eye on the ball.

And that means continuing with the agenda.

Transferring public money from the NHS into private hands.

Nothing has changed, she is doing what she has always done.

In this case it is encouraging the wealthy and the privileged to exterminate the marginalised and the poor.

I was on a zoom call with McElvoy once. She came off as a devastatingly inhumane individual whose sense of self importance blinded her to any valid problem solving thought processes.

But for pro war, racist, elitist, technocrats, she is probably not yet on the scale of a Klaus Schwab, Ursula von der Leyen, or Bill Gates.

Few things allow me to draw as much comfort as knowing I will always be on a different side to her.

Why do you think Chancellor Rishi Sunak was in California this week? Something to do with health privatisation?

And why has Google’s CEO Sundar Pinchai told its supposedly intelligent enlightened staff that they are all now subject to mandatory Vaccines?

In a book of old puns this week I saw that the entry next to mandate said male escort.

Pinchai wants to penetrate your flesh as well as your soul via your phone and your wallet.

But don’t forget Deep Mind which gave untold UK patient data to Google Health

These people are working on profiling and sequencing our genomic data. Which means they want to be able to target our nervous systems as well our minds, bank accounts and behaviour.

Be aware. Stay clean.

There is a Covid protest in London today.

I filmed a human rights protest outside one of the Zara fashion shops on Oxford Street last week. This was organised by Uyghur solidarity protestors. Zara is owned by Inditex a Spanish firm based in Coruña. They reported huge profits this week.

How much of its cotton is drawn from slave labour?

The EU supposedly imposed sanctions on China for exploiting Uyghurs but Inditex and Zara are Spanish businesses and still operate in Europe.

A town in France recently banned Zara from building an extension to their shop because of the Uygur exploitation but didn’t ban them from trading.

Life in a consumer society will inevitably involve many moral compromises. Whether to take the vaccine, support slave labour, animal cruelty, pay below the minimum wage or destroy the environment. We are often simultaneously doing several of these.

But it is only by not hiding from the reality of our complicity that we can find ways of rejecting slavery and living genuinely healthier lives.

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