Ugandan state overreach effectively topples NSO / Pegasus

The state of Israel was at one point in the early 20th Century supposed to be in Uganda.

The two countries will always have an interesting relationship.

Idi Amin approached Israel for help in the 70s but it never happened.

There was also the case of the Entebbe Raid in which a plane was hijacked and all Jewish passengers threatened with death.

The hijackers took the plane to Entebbe Airport in Uganda on the understanding that Idi Amin would be supportive. This ended badly for Uganda but Binyamin Netanyahu’s brother lost his life fighting with the Israeli armed forces.

Eventually Amin was overthrown and died in Saudi.

Current leader Museveni has run Uganda for 37 years. He has used the Internet to target and harass opposition rivals.

Uganda has used Chinese Huawei to target opposition leader Bobi Wine. Using facial recognition and by charging people to use social media.

Young people are more likely to vote for Bobi Wine

This is a tune featuring Bobi Wine.

It’s not a proper Africa corruption story without Tony or Cherie.

Tony doesn’t just advise Rwanda, he has staff there running the country.

Cherie more or less defended Genocide

Cherie defended Rwanda’s spy chief around 2015 when he was arrested in London over the murder of a Spanish aid worker during the Rwandan genocide in the 90s.

Its amazing how shocked Carol gets about people on her own side. It’s like she doesn’t even realise who she’s working for.

Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are.

If you are using Chinese and Israeli surveillance technology to hack into opposition and even US communications then you’re sitting kind of pretty.

While I hope Uganda can get a new leader as soon as possible I reflect on how long the Conservative Party has ruled the UK.

This junta is going nowhere but they have the same kinds of techniques and tactics at their disposal.

For all the global NSO stories, none has spoken about how UK police use these technologies to spy on UK citizens.

Palantir and NSO must be doing serious work in the UK but the NSO data in particular is yet to be revealed.

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