Murdoch, Kissinger, Wolfensohn, Cohn

I love the way these guys preach borderless globalism one day and merciless flag-waving the next.


In 2000 Rupert Murdoch hosted a discussion on the Global Role of the United
States in the 21st Century.

The main speaker was the then World Bank head James Wolfensohn.

It was moderated by Henry Kissinger.


Australian American Wolfensohn, died last November.

Were he still alive, despite his low profile, Wolfensohn might have been in the running for a spot in the newly created imminent departures index.

Who will go first – Murdoch or Kissinger?

You Guys!

I’m reminded of that other dearly departed great globalist: Peter Sutherland.

Wolfensohn and Sutherland, were both lawyers.

As was pretty boy Roy Cohn

Cohn represented both Donald Trump and Fat Tony

 Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno

Cohn was pretty good with words but met his match in Gore Vidal.

Both guests were asked to praise each other at the end of this awkward encounter.

Cohn praises his opponent perfunctorily but Vidal doesn’t drop the ball.

Roy and Donald Trump used to hang out at Studio 54

London House Music namesake DJ Fat Tony is also not for kids.

Cohn features in Angels in America. Written by Tony Kushner – no relation to Jared of Ivanka fame.

So here we are, on a flag-waving, boards-treading, disco dancing, globalising mafioso flex.

When 9/11 happened I remember being trapped in New York and couldn’t catch my flight to England, but when I eventually got on a plane there was literally like three people on the plane because everybody was afraid to fly. Surely enough when I eventually got to Space Ibiza I played Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ as my last song and people just started pulling out American flags. People were getting on eachother’s shoulders, some were crying, and I turned down the volume so people could sing the chorus. That was just one of those moments, I’m getting chills just thinking about it now. It’s a moment that will live on forever in me. — Erick Morillo RIP

Meanwhile back on planet earth:

And, relax.

Donde Vamos, chicos? Estados Unidos . . .

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