Open Secrets

If Martin Sanbu of the FT believes G7 lies about a new era of corporate transparency then good luck to him.

The FT itself is owned by the Japanese Nikkei group — a vehicle and cheerleader for corporate globalisation.

It may not be polite to say it, but transparency has not always been their strongest point.

That’s not to say the FT don’t do good work. It’s still my go to source of information.


Glad to see that he mentions country by country reporting and WIKILEAKS revelations.

But he’s pushing the self regulation line. Large corporates can dictate terms and conditions that they have to comply with. And they will do this all in their own time.

Infinitesimalisation of Progress

I call this the infinitesimalisation of progress.

Any bureaucrat worth his salt will make delivery last just long enough that any sane person would regret having petitioned for it.

Sisyphus, Prometheus, and Kafka spring to mind. They’re not alone.

Not Alone

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