German Hip Hop, Serial Killers, Jesse Owens, Hitler, und Hardfloor


German Hip Hop band BSMG have just done a tune called Jesse Owens.

I don’t speak the language. But the name Owens reminds me of:

Robert Owens

I recall seeing Robert Owens out and about in London 10 years ago – and of course hearing this on old mixtapes:

Jesse Owens

So what did actually happen when Jesse Owens went to the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

It appears the Germans loved him and Hitler didn’t really snub him.


But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Hans Zimmer

Nice music here – not sure about the content.


This is a German Public Radio drama about a Neo-Nazi.

I don’t understand German but the production, sound especially, is fiendishly tight.


Production seems to be by Haarmann.

Butcher of Hanover

No relation to the butcher of Hanover I assume — Fritz Haarmann.

As immortalised by Fritz Lang in M:

A friend and I went to see Normal by Anthony Nielsen earlier this year — about the Dusseldorf Ripper.

Nielsen did a play called The Wonderful of Dissocia. Barnaby Power told me about it. Sounds good. Possibly of therapeutic value to  those of us who wonder if we might be somewhere on ze spectrum.


All this talk of Deutsch-ness, kaos und order, stumbled me upon this.









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