Is BBC’s Emily Maitlis manipulating Dominic Cummings?

Why is Maitlis telling the world that Cummings texted her?

In today’s Daily Mail BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis claims to have received a supportive text message from the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings after chiding him on the programme in May.

This video by PoliticsJoe goes over the Maitlis monologue.

If she really did receive his text what does the exchange imply?

Newsnight presenters receiving text messages from No10 Special Advisers could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Should this be declared on some sort of a register?

Freedom of Information Request

According to Wikipedia Maitlis was made a contributing editor to the Spectator in 2007:

Wiki also states that Dominic Cummings wife Mary Wakefield was assistant editor at the Spectator at the time:

Though this doesn’t mean Maitlis and Cummings know each other socially, it certainly wouldn’t be that surprising if they did.

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