Oliver’s Army … Here to Stay

The BBC portray Oliver Letwin as a ‘Tory Rebel’ simply because he says he opposes a No Deal Brexit.

The BBC propaganda machine struggles with nuance.

Sir Oliver is an Etonian, just like Kwasi Kwarteng, Rees Mogg, Jo, & Boris (The White Kwasi) Kemal “Johnson”.

A passionately pro-privatisation man — does anyone believe Letwin would prefer Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister over a No Deal Brexit?

When I saw Letwin speak at a local Tory meeting in 2016 I got the impression he was actually a very nice man, despite being the Evil Tory mastermind of all things UK NHS Asset Strip.

But evil smiles.

Elvis Costello’s 1979 tune Oliver’s Army is apparently about the troubles in Northern Ireland.

It uses the N word. In a self disempowering sort of way.

In his autobiography Hearts and Minds, Letwin says he wa sin his parents kitchen in his early twenties where he came upon Keith Joseph who asked him if he’d like to work for him.

Letwin said yes and became a Special Adviser to the Department of Education.

Some might call this Nepotism. But it’s standard fare in Crony Capitalist UK where Nepotism and Meritocracy are both the same.

Eugenics, Baby.

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