Ali Parsa, NHS Privatiser & Babylon Health CEO, attends Butchers without Borders

Why would UK-based “health entrepreneur”, ex-Goldman Investment Banker, Babylon Health CEO, Ali Parsa attend Butchers without Borders in Saudi Arabia?

Nudged in New Cross

Behaviouralist Bants So I thought Skinner was the bad guy. The really mechanistic one. Or was it Watson? Who said we are basically all the same and that our feelings and personal stories don’t really matter. That there is no such thing as experience. That we are all automatons. The one who put his daughter… Continue reading Nudged in New Cross

Trump Era White Collar Crime: Who’s Chasing Who?

What is going on with Wall Street White Collar Crime in the Trump era? Hedge Fund Managers Never Die Sheelah Kolhatkar wrote an excellent article in The New Yorker this January. Her book, Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street, is all about the way the… Continue reading Trump Era White Collar Crime: Who’s Chasing Who?

Dance to the Muzak – Bannon and Trump read the Crowd

According to Dale Purves what we hear is often determined by our Darwinian programming which filters out sounds that don’t help us reproduce. Purves points to the McGurk Effect: How does this apply to modern politics? As mentioned in a previous post Lord Ashcroft has released Hopes and Fears based on polling he did in the US 2016 Presidential election. In… Continue reading Dance to the Muzak – Bannon and Trump read the Crowd

Trump hands keys to Goldman Sachs

Bins financial regulation & consumer protection Extreme Vetting, But Not for Banks – Rolling Stone — Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) February 3, 2017 But there is some hope, Government Sachs are facing some resistance outside their offices. .@GoldmanSachs security & cops using excessive force against activists protesting #doddfrank. #GovernmentSachs @OccupyWallStNYC — Government Sachs (@Govt_Sachs)… Continue reading Trump hands keys to Goldman Sachs