Keir Starmer & Владимир Летвин ( Vladimir Letwin ) Strike Back

It is testament to the Billionaire BBC and Press Baron propaganda machine that Letwin was lauded by thousands in Central London for appearing to block Boris’ Brexit and all the deregulation that will come with it, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Nudged in New Cross

Behaviouralist Bants So I thought Skinner was the bad guy. The really mechanistic one. Or was it Watson? Who said we are basically all the same and that our feelings and personal stories don’t really matter. That there is no such thing as experience. That we are all automatons. The one who put his daughter… Continue reading Nudged in New Cross

Accidence & Incidents: Aurobindo, Koestler, Oakeshott

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose FT political leader writer, Sebastian Payne recently referred to the Conservative Party’s pre-eminent post-war philosopher — Michael Oakeshott. In quoting Michael Oakeshott, @ProfTimBale nails why there’s something conservative in being sceptical about Brexit — Sebastian Payne (@SebastianEPayne) September 22, 2017 So why do Tories love… Continue reading Accidence & Incidents: Aurobindo, Koestler, Oakeshott

Sir Oliver Letwin used Nobel Prize winner’s ideas to torture innocent Brits

Nudge Richard Thaler has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. He’s best known for co-authoring the bestseller Nudge with Cass Sunstein in 2007. Sunstein went on to become President Obama’s Regulatory Czar while Thaler provided the ideas for Oliver Letwin’s Behavioural Insights or “Nudge” unit. Here Letwin, a former Thatcher adviser who wrote… Continue reading Sir Oliver Letwin used Nobel Prize winner’s ideas to torture innocent Brits

Cameron and Letwin plotted to cap bank tax

The Sunday Times claim a leaked document has revealed that David Cameron and Oliver Letwin wanted to “cap taxes for the banks”. According to the leaked memo Letwin endorsed Cameron’s plans for an “aggregated City tax take” which would have prevented the government from increasing the banking levy. The cap on the banking levy was proposed… Continue reading Cameron and Letwin plotted to cap bank tax

(B)anal Banter with Blair & Blunt

It is well known that Tony Blair has friends in high places and that, legally speaking, he knows how to get away with anything. Teflon Tony He is known as Teflon Tony because, although bad things are said about him, nothing ever sticks. His greatest skill is his ability to use the legal system to… Continue reading (B)anal Banter with Blair & Blunt

Disgraced Brexit Cheerleader for PM?

If the UK votes for Brexit, Dr Liam Fox, the disgraced ex-Defence Minister responsible for getting the UK involved in conflict in Libya and Syria before being sacked for Cronyism in 2011, could become Prime Minister. Is this really happening? Fox & NHS Tory Leavers now openly refer to Brexit as being our best chance of… Continue reading Disgraced Brexit Cheerleader for PM?