Cameron to exempt NHS from TTIP —but Canadian Trade Agreement (CETA) & Blairite Head of NHS England Simon Stevens remain serious threats

David Cameron has just agreed to exclude the NHS from the controversial TTIP Trade Agreement.

TTIP’s ISDS clause would have allowed Britain to be sued by rogue US Health Insurance giant United Health for not opening the NHS up quickly enough to foreign competition.

This amendment to TTIP was arrived at due to an unholy alliance between 25 Tory MPs and the opposition parties.

But very few are remarking that United Health have already won lots of contracts as Optum in the UK and the Head of NHS England Simon Stevens worked for United Health for over 10 years before taking up his current role in 2014.

And what about the Canadian Trade Agreement?

It contains ISDS and could therefore open Britain up to being sued by foreign companies regardless of what is excluded from TTIP.


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