Carney Quits

In comes Lord Farage, out goes Governor Carney. 

Carney’s resignation announcement will come just  weeks after Amber ‘Ayatollah’ Rudd announced a migrant crackdown at the 2016 post-Brexit Tory Conference. 

Rudd has since backtracked on plans to force firms to publish lists of migrant workers.

It was joked at the time that Rudd would be personally accompanying the border agency for its dawn raids on Threadneedle Street.

The government is currently in disarray over its post Brexit plans with May and Rudd keen to out-Brexit the Brexiteers on xenophobia.

Chancellor Hammond is the only one who is sticking to his guns about making the economy work but has his work cut out convincing May and Rudd to ease up on Carney and on their crusade to make life as uncomfortable for foreign workers and their employers as possible.

Not since 2001 have the Tories been in such disarray. 

It is unfortunate that their friends in the media are doing so much to shield them from paying for the consequences of their actions. 

The political journalists that allow the Tories to get away this are committing treason. 

They should be held to account. 

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