Goodhart’s Compass & News of the Week: 22/04/2018


What a funny week we’ve had: Wages, Inflation, Sterling, Labour shocks, Enoch Powell, Windrush, Home Office, Deportations, Andrew Neil and David Goodhart, Nick Timothy, Hostile Environment, Modi, Gove, Mode4, The Times, ALEC, Cambridge Analytica, Barbara Bush, Basic Income, Biometrics, Aadhaar, Syria, Peter Hitchens, Owen Jones, Amelia Gentleman and Jo Johnson, Amber Rudd, Caroline Nokes, Mick Mulvaney, Lance Armstrong, The Serious Fraud Office, Aaron Banks and Local Elections — all very Surkov. (explanation to come)

Some of these issues were mentioned in Amusing Ourselves to Death, a podcast out later today. I will include some links for some of what we talked about and a few more from the list above.

Corbyn who has been personally accused of Anti-Semitism was one of only a handful of Labour MPs to oppose Theresa May’s Hostile Environment Strategy in Parliament in 2013. The Conservative MPs all voted for it and the Labour MPs who accuse him of Anti-Semitism all abstained. Actions speak louder than words, ha?

Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes claimed not to know the numbers when asked bout how many people had been deported but promised them all Biometric Residency Permits. WTF?

Amber Rudd accused her own department of being too focused on policy and not on individuals. But she’s been running it since she took over from Theresa May in July 2016. It was during Rudd’s incredibly hostile speech at the Tory Party Conference in October 2016 that the Pound dropped like a stone.

Recent wages figures may have outstripped inflation for the first time in a long time and Sterling may have hit a recent high but it has since fallen and the wage increases mask a labour shock fuelled by a fall in immigration due to foreign workers unwilling to come to Britain.

According to Theresa May’s definitions David Goodhart’s grandfather was a Jewish immigrant to the UK. Yet Goodhart himself, despite being descended from the Jewish Bankers who set up Lehman Brothers,  thinks nothing of lending support to the far right French National Front and to Hungarian far right anti-Soros Orban Party.

Obviously Andrew Neil is also severely compromised.



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