Ofcom Boss & BBC regulator, Sharon White, attended the 2017 BiIderberg Meetings with Osborne & Adonis

Sharon White, head of the BBC’s Regulator, Ofcom

Last week I contacted Sharon White, boss of Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, to inform her of her subordinate Chris Wynn’s aggressive attempts to curtail my activities.

What I’ve since learned has profoundly changed the way I view establishment coverups and corporate corruption.

Scope Creep

Chris Wynn, had been pressuring me to edit a  blogpost I had written about Lord Adonis signalling Ofcom and BBC collusive corruption over Brexit.

Little did I realise that, White, along with Lord Adonis and George Osborne attended the 2017 global elite Bilderberg Conference.

Sharon White is an ex-Treasury official and is married to Robert Chote, the head of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) a independent body that was set up by George Osborne to scrutinise his budgets.

The OBR became known as the Treasury’s poodle. 

White herself worked for the World Bank in Washington DC.

Her 2014 appointment as head of Ofcom was approved by then Culture Secretary, ex-Deutsche Bank toxic derivatives salesman, Sajid Javid.

in 2016, bullet-proof Javid, himself an attendee of secret hawkish US gatherings along with Michael Gove, admitted to Jon Snow live on UK TV that, along with everyone else at Deutsche Bank, he knew about illegal tax evasion schemes at Deutsche Bank, schemes which were designed to defraud the UK taxpayer.


Javid is now in charge of the police, the National Crime Agency, and the online fight against financial and cybercriminals.

In that same period Javid appointed controversial HSBC Director Rona Fairhead to head up the BBC Trust.

Email to Sharon White of Ofcom

The previous week I’d emailed Chris Wynn:

So far I’ve received no reply from Chris or Sharon.

Is this just old fashioned bad manners, or have cyberbullying and intimidation become official Ofcom Policy?

Hate Speech

We know Ofcom allowed the BBC to air Enoch Powell’s River’s of Blood speech in mid-April.



Shortly afterwards it was revealed that the Tory UK Home Office had been illegally deporting British Citizens of Afro-Caribbean descent for several years and yet the entire UK media establishment, including every BBC journalist, had said and done nothing.

Similar BBC coverups took place with Jimmy Savile who operated with impunity throughout his lifetime and operated in plain sight.

At what point does it become ok to point out the elephant in the room?

Political appointees like BBC’s Media Correspondent Amol Rajan and George Osborne’s friend Sharon White are massively complicit and compromised. They’ve helped promote Enoch Powell but said absolutely nothing about the non-reporting of the government’s illegal deportations programme.

Bilderberg Meeting

The BBC’s Media Correspondent and its regulator, OFCOM, are supposed to inspire trust not rumours of cover ups and corruption.

According to this Sky report, Sharon White was one of only seven Brits invited to the last Bilderberg meeting.

Two of the others were George Osborne and Lord Adonis.

Billionaire’s Broadcasting Campaign

Sarah Sands, friend of David Cameron, ran the Evening Standard and was a colleague of Amol Rajan’s.

She openly backed Zac Goldsmith in the 2016 London Mayoral Election, renowned as one of the most racist campaigns in living memory.

She has since been made the Editor of the BBC Radio 4, Today Programme.  And George Osborne has replaced her at the Standard.

Osborne also squeezes in a day a week at Blackrock, one of the world’s largest Asset Management companies, with $6 trillion under management.


Revolving Door

BBC Media Editor, Amol Rajan, edited the Independent from 2013 to 2015, and was widely seen to have backed the Tories in the run up to their 2015 general election victory.

Rajan’s closeness to his former boss Sarah Sands, and their former boss Lebedev and, by extension, the Tory establishment, makes him anything but an impartial commentator on UK media affairs.

That the appointment of such a compromised figure to such a trusted position at such a sensitive time occurs with no national outcry speaks volumes about the “establishment’s” capacity to dismantle the potential for even the tiniest opposing view right before our eyes.

Back to Basics

At least things are out in the open now. The Tory sleaze that took down John Major’s government in the 1990s is back with a vengeance.

Whereas back then the likes of Ian Greer associates were involved in various levels of Westminster sleaze, the Tory government is way more in control of the media than ever before. The Tory war to shape public opinion has been characterised by its reliance on dark money think tanks and media outlets funded by dodgy donors such as Lord Ashcroft.

But there is still the problem of the social media and the youth vote.

An organisation whose very ethos is the promotion of inequality, by definition will have to use psychological operations to confuse swing voters into voting against the majority’s interests in favour of billionaires.

The rise of Momentum and Novara and the inability of so called Millennials to get on the housing ladder or find secure employment all work against the Tories.

Thomas Frank wrote Pity the Billionaire in 2011 in which he outlined how Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network in the US epitomised the Tea Party’s radical right conservatism. It was a movement directed at the poor but in service of the rich. Trump’s alliance between the Alt-Right, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Wall Street being its logical conclusion.

Media and Culture Secretary Matt Hancock received plaudits last week for saying he would clamp down on social media providers while maximising “freedom of the press”.

By “Freedom of the Press” we mean freedom for billionaires.  Does clamping down on social media mean that Google and Facebook will have to start paying taxes or that we can prepare for some curbs on freedom of speech?

According to a recent Reporters without Borders study, Britain came in at just above Burkina Faso for Press Freedom:

The Ofcom Racket

Just as the polls have proven to be useless and credit ratings agencies and audit firms have been used to rubber stamp fraud in the highest places, so too is the Office of Communications (Ofcom) an institution which places the safety of normal consumers and citizens at the very bottom of its priority list.

With Osborne’s fellow Bilderberger, White, still in charge of regulating the BBC, the foul elitist stench of corruption still coming out of  Ofcom and the UK broadcast media shows no sign of abating.

Amongst Friends

The pop singer Lily Allen was invited to a garden party in the summer of 2016 and took the following pics.


Seeing that Osborne’s pro-Putin boss hangs out with Farage and Murdoch puts a whole new spin on things.

In a way all the posturing makes more sense now. The Brits have a history of selling weapons to both sides.

So why wouldn’t UK institutions themselves be open to capture?

London has been the home to oligarchs and billionaires for several years now.

With so much capture taking place under the surface – and yet in plain sight –  who  amongst you never thought that one day the chickens would come home to roost?

What can be done?

There is too much silence and darkness where there should be conversation and light. The politics of information, transparency and privacy need a radical restructure. And this only happens if we are prepared to go to first principles and set up systems that prioritise the values we hold dear as a society. Just in case there is any confusion about what those values are, perhaps we should use these various political crises as an opportunity to clarify just what is on the table and how much we are prepared to give up to achieve our goals.

This isn’t supposed to be an anti-Russian or anti billionaire diatribe. Merely a stimulus for conversation about corruption and what you might like to see done about it.






Goodhart’s Compass & News of the Week: 22/04/2018

What a funny week we’ve had: Wages, Inflation, Sterling, Labour shocks, Enoch Powell, Windrush, Home Office, Deportations, Andrew Neil and David Goodhart, Nick Timothy, Hostile Environment, Modi, Gove, Mode4, The Times, ALEC, Cambridge Analytica, Barbara Bush, Basic Income, Biometrics, Aadhaar, Syria, Peter Hitchens, Owen Jones, Amelia Gentleman and Jo Johnson, Amber Rudd, Caroline Nokes, Mick Mulvaney, Lance Armstrong, The Serious Fraud Office, Aaron Banks and Local Elections — all very Surkov. (explanation to come)

Some of these issues were mentioned in Amusing Ourselves to Death, a podcast out later today. I will include some links for some of what we talked about and a few more from the list above.

Corbyn who has been personally accused of Anti-Semitism was one of only a handful of Labour MPs to oppose Theresa May’s Hostile Environment Strategy in Parliament in 2013. The Conservative MPs all voted for it and the Labour MPs who accuse him of Anti-Semitism all abstained. Actions speak louder than words, ha?

Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes claimed not to know the numbers when asked bout how many people had been deported but promised them all Biometric Residency Permits. WTF?

Amber Rudd accused her own department of being too focused on policy and not on individuals. But she’s been running it since she took over from Theresa May in July 2016. It was during Rudd’s incredibly hostile speech at the Tory Party Conference in October 2016 that the Pound dropped like a stone.

Recent wages figures may have outstripped inflation for the first time in a long time and Sterling may have hit a recent high but it has since fallen and the wage increases mask a labour shock fuelled by a fall in immigration due to foreign workers unwilling to come to Britain.

According to Theresa May’s definitions David Goodhart’s grandfather was a Jewish immigrant to the UK. Yet Goodhart himself, despite being descended from the Jewish Bankers who set up Lehman Brothers,  thinks nothing of lending support to the far right French National Front and to Hungarian far right anti-Soros Orban Party.

Obviously Andrew Neil is also severely compromised.




Mick Mulvaney & Emotive Conjugation

Lance Armstrong just settled a “$100m fraud suit” in the US, according to reports . He could have been forced to pay out $100m for having defrauded his team’s sponsor, the US Postal Service, but instead settled for $5m.

His former team-mate Floyd Landis also doped but testified against him and will receive $1.1 million and have his $1.65 million legal fees paid by Armstrong.

Washington Post Washington Post

This case highlights the contradictions in the US system, whereby a perpetrator of criminality can receive a payoff instead of a jail term.

The Swiss and US Authorities seem to be the busiest, but in opposite directions. This case is from 2012:

And in this case, under the Trump administration, the US authorities took the whistleblowers to court in order to try and get out of paying them.


The UK just announced a funding increase for its Serious Fraud Office (SFO):

Today is its leader, David Green’s last day. No replacement has been announced. The political uncertainty over the identity of agency’s next boss reminds me of the permanent shambles that is Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry and, more recently, of what is happening in America at the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB).

The CFPB was set up by the Wall Street friendly Obama administration to help consumers after the financial crisis:

It’s now being led by Trump stooge Mick Mulvaney who is also in charge of the Office of Management and Budget where he is overseeing the dismantling of the US budget and regulations. Mulvaney is only acting head of the CFPB but it looks like his he is already taking all the steps he can to destroy it.





Off Track — How the Oil Lobby is Taking Us Straight to Hell

Off Track

Off Track is a recent report from Oil Change International on the future of Oil investments, as things stand, and why what is happening is so wrong.

BP AGM 2018

In Friday’s edition of Amusing Ourselves to Death, Real Media flagged the BP switch to Manchester for their upcoming Shareholder Meeting.

We hope there will be some interest in the proposed Share Action workshop in Manchester the first week of May.

The more locals state their opposition to fracking at the BP AGM the more people will know about the dangers.

BP’s Mancos Shale Project in New Mexico

If someone from a fracked community in the United States comes to Manchester to point out the immediate impact of BP’s projects, it will be great opportunity for dialogue between communities that might otherwise not get the chance to learn from each other.

It turns out that BP’s fracking in New Mexico is taking place on sacred tribal land.

Who will pray for Lancashire outside the BP AGM on May 21st 2018?


UKIP paid Bannon’s firm to swing Brexit

Finally a smoking gun. UKIP paid Steve Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica to swing Brexit.

Carole Cadwalladr and Peter Jukes have been tweeting about Brexit and outside interference for some time.

But this invoice, showing that UKIP paid Cambridge Analytica, says it all.

I must say I am one of the people who was going to vote Remain but changed their mind at the last minute. The arguments I fell for were persuasive so I was utterly convinced of them at the time.

The proof has come out just a few hours after the BBC read out Enoch’s Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech on the television to commemorate’s its 50th anniversary.

The BBC is a public institution which shrouds itself in secrecy. Which shows how seriously our leaders take its propaganda purpose. If only we could know who had decided we needed to hear that speech in that particular way. The BBC relies on a single Supreme Court ruling to interpret the European Convention on Human Rights in such a way as to prevent the public from ever knowing who decides what at the BBC. You’re more likely to find out   about the contents of a telephone call between Theresa May and Donald Trump than between the producers and programme researchers of Newsnight.

Lord Andrew Adonis, rather annoying at the best of times has suddenly taken it upon himself to start objecting to the #brexitbroadcastingcorporation as he likes to call it.

He has a point, but sadly where were these arguments about BBC impartiality when he was achieving his political aims under Tony Blair?

Either way, things have got pretty bad. So much so that the newspapers have become very readable purely because of their  propaganda content.

Yesterday I glanced at a report from Kensington and Chelsea on page two of the FT.

It was quite obviously written to persuade FT readers in Kensington that are disgusted at the behaviour of the Conservative Party in relation in particular to Grenfell, but also Brexit, that there is a non-Labour alternative. Quite a PR coup for the Conservatives who have clearly already given up on the idea that they can maintain their stranglehold over the borough.

But also of interest from the national perspective as perception is everything and the Conservatives have to do everything they can to fight a Labour revival wherever it appears. Like the Americans in Latin America.

The few photos I can see of the Advance canvassers tell me they are not made up of Grenfell Fire survivors.

This looks like an outside operation – just as Cambridge Analytica were paid by UKIP to swing Brexit.

A quick look at who is following the Advance Party on Twitter shows a demographic that is even whiter than the Tories! Obviously there is nothing in itself wrong with that, but these people are obviously all Lib Dem Remainers who just can’t bring themselves to vote Labour.

The class struggle is alive and well in Kensington and Chelsea!

This retweet by one of the Advance Followers – says it all:


BP Shareholder Meeting in Manchester, May 2018

Look who’s coming to Manchester!

Oil Giant BP are to hold their Annual Shareholder meeting in Manchester on May 21st.

Have your say!

Share Action are willing to hold an AGM workshop in Manchester in the first week of May.

This is a great opportunity for anti-fracking campaigners  to tell Global Oil industry executives how they feel about fossil fuels and specifically fracking in their own communities.

Message from Share Action

“Imagine talking to the CEO’s of the UK’s biggest companies over a cup of tea. What would you challenge them on?

Well guess what – you can. AGM activism literally puts you in a room with the biggest bosses at company AGM’s – where they can’t ignore the issues that matter any longer. There’s no hiding from petitions at an AGM!

AGM activists across the country are reprogramming the investment system into a force for good. You don’t have to be a financial expert or a shareholder to take part – ShareAction make sure its open to anyone, and that everyone is skilled up to be effective!

BP are having their AGM in Manchester on the 21st May and we need lots of activists to go and challenge them on climate change. Get trained up and be one of the people to do so!”

The BP AGM in Manchester is a great chance for the UK divestment movement to raise its profile in communities throughout the country.

For more info about organising a share action workshop  in early may please contact:


BP don’t frack in the UK but they do have a massive fracking project in Oman:

and they’re in New Mexico (USA):



Who gives Jews a Bad Name?

Monday’s Sun ran with Pro-Israel Maureen Lipman’s declaration that Jeremy Corbyn has turned her into a Tory.

Lipman’s loyalty to Israel is no secret — she renounced Labour membership under Ed Miliband.

The Sun might seem to speak up for Jews but, in the case of Ed Miliband, the son of Ralph Miliband, a prominent Socialist, they made a significant exception.

likewise with Jewdas:

Senior Academics say:

Mummy, What’s a Bad Jew?

Another Jewdas video:

Bored of the Jewdas after 90 seconds, I didn’t understand why they flyered outside a Gilad Atzmon concert when they could just as easily chat to him over a nice cup of English Breakfast.

But there’s nothing illegal about what they did. Nothing bad.

I’m more interested in Gilad Atzmon. He’s caused way more of a fuss. Here he is on RT.

Atzmon’s upset people. He served in the Israeli Army, became a Jazz musician, and renounced his Israeli citizenship. Most significantly of all, Atzmon has written books which have seen him accused of holocaust denial.

Dissent is good and free societies should allow people to make up their minds for themselves.

If Jewdas want to call Atzmon an anti-semite, good for them. If Galloway wants to praise him, go-ahead.

And if the Sun want to call them all anti-semites, so what?

Atzmon’s wiki says many accuse him of holocaust denial. I find this hard to believe, but I haven’t read his work.

Salman Rushdie achieved similar notoriety, but on a grander scale. His Midnight’s Children is amazing but I find him an insufferable bore. His friendship with Bono hasn’t helped.

Back to The Sun

Despite their accusations of Corbyn’s anti-semitism, The Sun are equally happy to blast anti-capitalist anti-zionist “bad Jews” such as Jewdas.

But they are equally happy to go for Jewish businessmen.

The language and imagery used to describe Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska and Peter Mandelson in Monday’s Sun is positively conspiratorial.

Once you start throwing the word Rothschild about you are opening yourself up to charges of antisemitism. Tone and imagery give you away.

In the case of Mandelson, Osborne, Rothschild and Deripaska, I assume the story is completely true but they should have been more restrained.

But how could they resist? Who doesn’t love a bit of conspiracy?

Speaking of which, why is Farage linking Assange? And why is a guy from LBC Radio accompanying Farage? James O’Brien, also of LBC (but a Rampant anti-Corbyn Remainer) defended Farage’s LBC colleague as being “all right”. Not good, I’m afraid. What happened?

The Roseanne Show

Roseanne Barr is a comedienne I’ve always had time for.

She interviewed Donald Trump many years ago and asked him about running for President.

Now that her old TV show is back on she is enjoying a resurgence.

She has switched from running for the Green Party and promoting marijuana to staunch supporter of Israel and, amazingly, of Donald Trump.

Speaking of better days, here’s Maureen Lipman’s advert for the former state asset, BT.

Nick Griffin of the far right BNP has just come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn – not for his economics but for his Syria policies.

Funny that because the Daily Mail’s recent economics line has been closer to vote-winning Labour Policies than any other periodical except the Morning Star. If anything, the Mail are louder.

Corbyn and the Mail are against the GKN Melrose takeover, both favour saving the Open University and both criticise tax avoidance and privatised utilities such as water and electricity.

I mentioned the Mail’s bizarre economics and politics in the Amusing Ourselves to Death podcast on Real Media last Friday:

Given that Assange is working with Farage, Nick Griffin supporting the Labour Party is a real wakeup call.

The Fascist Daily Mail are already copying Labour’s economics of intervention.

The Government now advocate economic intervention in markets and psychological intervention in the job centre!

John Major famously declared he wanted to turn Britain into a classless society. Letwin called it Social Market Economics and contrasted it with Corbyn and McDonnell’s Crypto-Marxism. As opposed to Crypto-fascism, which is where we are going.

Are we now reaping the rewards?

On the subject of BNP style monopolisation of white working class, my colleague Kam Sandhu just wrote Working Class in Britain? You must be White.

Adam Curtis often talks about Vladimir Putin’s PR guy, Surkov.

He puts out the truth but also funds opposition parties and generally promotes organised confusion.

Looks like he has decided to enter and disrupt the UK market.

And in that sense he has won.

With so many agenda and so many players it is almost impossible to know who is doing what and why.

Murdoch is very powerful and anti-Russian, but the Tories have taken so much money from Russians and got so deeply involved with them that it is difficult to know when they are serious about dealing with Russia and when they are simply lining their own pockets.

Under the Tsar, a desperate Russia produced The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – which people fall for even today.

Sadly it looks like disinformation is back, the more I look into it the more I realise it never went away.


In Progress: Dead Paupers Society

The Hardy Tree Photo by Adrian Snood

Levelled Churchyard

Levelled Churchyard was written by Thomas Hardy in 1882.

Based on his time as an apprentice architect, the poem gives a voice to the souls whose bodies he exhumed to make way for the construction of the Midland Railway.

Their gravestones are lined up like dominoes, next to The Hardy Tree.

In Levelled Churchyard, Hardy rails against the injustice exacted on those who have lived frugally and thereby  saved money to pay for funerals and gravestones only to be lumped together with those who have not.

“The wicked people have annexed
The verses on the good;
A roaring drunkard sports the text
Teetotal Tommy should!

How we treat the dead, and their families, says a lot about the progress we as a society have made.

But though things have improved since the 1860s when Hardy first levelled St Pancras Churchyard, sadly anonymous graves aren’t yet the relics of a bygone era.

Royal London Insurance

The Royal London insurance firm was set up in a coffee shop in 1861, while Hardy was still exhuming graves in Levelled Churchyards.



On 2 February 1861 two young men met in London, tradition has it in a coffee shop in City Road. Joseph Degge, born in Staffordshire, the son of a farm labourer, was 24 and had worked in Liverpool in the pub trade and as a clerk. Henry Ridge, a Londoner, was two years younger and a carpenter. His father was a cheesemonger. Both men were married, Degge had a young daughter, and they were now working for an organisation, founded a decade earlier, that provided insurance against funeral expenses. By the end of the meeting, Degge and Ridge had decided to set up a business in competition with their employer, to be called the Royal London Life Insurance and Benefit Society.


Next to arrive at number 85 was a branch of the Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society. Founded in 1843, the Society was originally known as the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society, set up in order “to afford the poorer classes of the community the means of providing for themselves and their children a decent interment at the trifling expense of a halfpenny, a penny or three pence per week, according to the age of the member” (24p, 47p, or £1.42 respectively in 2014 prices) and thus “prevent the occurrence of those sad spectacles of inhumanity which so frequently distress the last moments of the dying poor and their sorrowing families”.[14]

A few words of explanation may be needed here, though the author of the quotation above clearly expected his audience to understand what he meant by “sad spectacles of inhumanity”. This would have referred to the pauper’s funeral — burial at the expense of the parish — which was generally an extremely perfunctory affair involving a common grave containing multiple bodies. Parish-funded burials had been going on since at least the 16th century, but between around 1750 and 1850 there was a shift in the way these funerals were viewed; they became “both terrifying to contemplate oneself and profoundly degrading to one’s survivors”, creating a “life-long stigma” for the latter.[15]






The Royal London research that the Sunday Times, relies upon in today’s Funeral Poverty pieces:

Note the use of the word pauper:


Is this a hard sell technique from the life insurance firm? Fear of death is a great motivator to buy life insurance.

“News is any overt act which juts out of the routine of circumstance. A good public relations man advises his client… to carry out an overt act… interrupting the continuity of life in some way to bring about a response.”—Edward Bernays

The Sunday Mirror also used the term pauper’s grave in January.




Neymar, Al Jazeera, Sky Arabia & the Weierstrass Function

What links the 222 million Euros Qatari-owned Paris Saint Germain paid Football Club Barcelona for a footballer by the name of Neymar with unconventional oil, gas, and monetary policy, and an obscure mathematical function derived by a 19th Century German Professor named Weierstrass?

Market manipulation 


Trump to address opioid crisis

According to the Wall Street Journal Donald Trump plans to combat the US opioid crisis. 

It was only the other day that Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, mentioned that the opioid crisis was undermining the US labor market. 

How funny that a hundred years after the British imposed the opium war on China that the latest round of opioids are undermining the United States while China is still growing.


Writing the Wrong’un

Just as Ian Fraser says that his book Shredded about the Royal Bank of Scotland is not just about RBS but really a prism through which to interpret lapses in UK financial regulation, nor is Donald Trump’s presidency really just about Trump the man or even the office he finds himself in but how a taboo-ridden self-censoring litigous society responds to rising inequality,  increasingly obvious and endemic collusive corruption and the most obnoxious merger of government and corporate interests in living memory. Most establishment figures are so compromised that they cannot say or do anything about this. We most certainly do live in the age of the compromise. 

As George Clinton of Funkadelic might have said, Free yourself from the shackles of integrity and the rest will surely follow. Feel free from the need to be free.



When will London’s Social Cleansing reach Peak Cleanse?

  Plaque to honor the original Alms Houses on which the Hermitage Street development is built

I wonder if the new development on Hermitage Street in Paddington, Westminster, where this picture was taken has any affordable or social housing. 

And has the ongoing social cleansing of London reached Peak-Cleanse? 

The Dutch had a policy in Indonesia called Transmigrasi in which they sent the Javanese all over the country in an attempt to rebalance the population. 

The link between people and place is sensitive. 

Conservative Party grandee Norman Tebbit famously urged Brits to leave parts of  the U.K. that were in economic decline by telling them to get on their bikes.

At the same time he said that the test of how British you are is which cricket team you support – your adopted country or the colony from whence you hail.

I looked around the back of this building for poor doors and can’t say I found any. 

But I don’t actually know what they would look like.

 I’m guessing they will be avoiding the flashing Apartheid sign above the door.

The plaque itself stands for something entirely different. So how much joined up thinking on this has gone on here?

Many organizations policies are entirely at odds with each other. Why shouldn’t this also be the case here. Strip away the veneer and all is revealed.

As Westminster Council have repeatedly been quite happy to geographically displace its residents I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if poor doors are alive and kicking somewhere in the borough.

The recently appointed chair of the Grenfell Inquiry ruled in favour of Westminster deporting/displacing a resident to Milton Keynes. She was of African origin so in this case the social cleansing would have had an ethnic dimension. 

The case was overturned at the Supreme Court but it’s hard to say it doesn’t give an idea of how the judge’s mind operates. 
Cressida Dick, head of the Met and a reputed to be a Common Purpose graduate, had been made the country’s top policewoman despite presiding over the ‘bungled’ killing of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.

Some lawyers in Twitter have been saying that it is unfair to read anything into the displacement case. 

But they would wouldn’t they? 

Typical for lawyers to defend their own. I wonder what they say about the obvious whitewash when behind closed doors.


Lendlease in Haringey 

  Telegraph business section covering the Heygate and Haringey controversy today. 

Real Media were at last Monday’s protest and will be releasing further interviews and a join the dots on the  taboo topic of geographical displacement this week.


Gove claims to embrace Anti-Austerity Politics & “Green Brexit” in Desperate Bid to Charm Voters

Michael Gove,  Minister for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, twice referred to a five year parliament as he started to backtrack on the Government’s austerity programme during this morning’s Andrew Marr politics show.

At no point did Andrew Marr pull the Gove up on his error. 

This could have just been a double oversight on both of their parts – not that unlikely given the sheer incompetence emanating from the Tory party and the BBC right now. 

But it could all just be more intrigue and subterfuge from a politician who, by U.K. standards is a well accepted as being as dishonest, self-serving and Machiavellian as they come. 

Few politicians enjoy the degree of political protection that has been afforded to Michael Gove. The risk free environment in which he operates has convinced him – quite fairly – that he can actually do no wrong. 

The man is a close friend of Rupert Murdoch’s and just as his fellow Brexiteer Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel writes for the Mail on Sunday, Gove’s own wife Sarah Vine is a columnist for The Daily Mail. 

Gove himself returned to the Murdoch Times during his recent sabbatical when he managed to deliver the ‘Exclusive’ interview of Donald Trump from Trump’s palace in New York with his own boss and fixer Rupert Murdoch in attendance. 

With Gove’s ex-Cabinet colleague former Chancellor George Osborne already editing London’s only high circulation freesheet, you’d be forgiven for contemplating whether the sudden acceleration of the pace of the revolving door be a signal of what anti-corruption expert David Whyte calls a “high degree of tolerance of collusive corruption in this country.” 

Any  honest journalist, unlike Marr, would have flagged as, in and of itself, the massive risk to UK Public Health that Gove really represents. 

Some other interesting things about his interview. 

Gove used the term 5 year parliament twice but was never picked up on this. 

Gove’s appearance is supposed to reflect Tory backtracking on Austerity. 

Damian Green implied there will be a U-Turn on University fees.

But Gove defended fees by saying it isn’t fair that those who don’t g to uni fund those who do. He didn’t go so far as to say that those who have been funding people to go universities deserve a rebate so it is a wonder whether he means anything he says.  

 The 1% public sector pay cap may go. There was the £1bn to Northern Ireland. Abortions. Same Sex marriage. 

Gove was asked how he fel, as an individual, about austerity, to which he replied that he is not an individual – that he is a member of the government. He also told Marr that that Marr himself said that he has had to learn to keep his own views to himself. So here we had two men – both public figures – admitting to have no personal investment in their own words. 

This reminded me of the scene at the beginning of Michael Lewis Liars Poker in which he said that banking was really all about people who didn’t know what they were buying buying from people who didn’t know what they were selling. 


Tough on Corporate Crime and on the Causes of Corporate Crime

I came across this book whilst researching an interview with David Whyte who has a new book called The Violence of Austerity which he edited with Vickie Cooper.

It’s straight-talking and more relevant than ever given the ongoing collusion between the state and corporations.


Brexit & Project Fear daren’t mention TTIP

lind dec 2015

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson say we should get out of the EU and sign our own trade deals with USA, India & China.

That Brussels shouldn’t negotiate anything on our behalf.

But despite all this talking about trade they never use the terms TTIP, CETA or TiSA.

Even David Cameron — the biggest defender of EU trade agreements — wouldn’t be seen dead promoting TTIP, CETA or TiSA by name.

In this 10 minute interview Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP demystifies:

– The nature of 21st century trade agreements

– The distinction between goods and services

– How everything (including water and health) is a service

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Thanks to Peter Marshall for the photography.


BBC on FOI: We’re still cowards!


No More Change to FOI

The BBC rarely responds to Freedom of Information Requests.

But it sends them.

Newsnight Presenter Chris Cook uses FOI but hides when quizzed himself.

BBC refuse to reveal Chris Cook’s Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.



Labour MP Jess Phillips explains why MPs are all the same


Civil Service Chief Heywood gets a televised grilling over EU Bias

heywood PAC

Civil Service Chief Heywood gets a grilling over EU Bias

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The Trouble with TTIP



David Malone on TTIP



David Malone : The Debt Generation


Trichet & the Irish Crisis

Trichet says “Ireland saved herself” and that there was no pressure from Frankfurt!

Not sure if anyone believes him.



What is a Pfandbriefe?


Sir Cover-Up Grilled by Brexit MPs

Sir Jeremy Heywood, aka Sir Cover-Up is being grilled by the Public Administration Select Committee over the decision to prevent Brexit ministers from accessing EU papers.

Jenkin is a Eurosceptic. Should be fun.

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The Perfect Workplace

What makes a successful work environment?


a. Furniture

b. Wallpaper

c. Acoustics

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team


Brexit Interview with Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 22.11.54

Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP joined us this evening to discuss CETA, TTIP, TISA and what is currently missing from the UK BREXIT debate.

Linda uses and explains several trade terms, concepts and rulings.

Discussions also centred around the left’s unwillingness to campaign for BREXIT, despite the cheap labour implications implicit within the international trade agenda.


BBC : Ballsy British Cover-Up

Gill BBC Savile

Dame Janet Smith’s much awaited Inquiry into the BBC’s systematic protection of VIP Paedophiles finally reported this week.

However its release and impact have been overshadowed by #Brexit.

Hats off to Peter Brookes for his sketch in today’s Times.

Savile BBC Gill 2

Eric Gill designed the famous Gill font as well as the Prospero & Ariel sculpture outside the BBC building in Central London.

His biographer later revealed that Gill was a sexual predator whose victims included his daughters, his sisters and his dog.

Chris Patten headed up the BBC Trust when the Savile revelations emerged but never got round to removing Gill’s sculpture.

As Chancellor of Oxford University Patten has defended free speech and the continued presence of a statue of Cecil Rhodes.

Would Patten therefore also defend Gill’s statue and any other piece of paedophile propaganda?


US trade negotiator: We don’t want ‘TTIP lite’

Dan Mullaney

US trade negotiator: We don’t want ‘TTIP lite’


Lexit / Brexit with Tom Barlow of Real Media

Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow, Political Editor of Real Media, discusses prospects for a Leftist BREXIT.