UKIP paid Bannon’s firm to swing Brexit

Finally a smoking gun. UKIP paid Steve Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica to swing Brexit.

Carole Cadwalladr and Peter Jukes have been tweeting about Brexit and outside interference for some time.

But this invoice, showing that UKIP paid Cambridge Analytica, says it all.

I must say I am one of the people who was going to vote Remain but changed their mind at the last minute. The arguments I fell for were persuasive so I was utterly convinced of them at the time.

The proof has come out just a few hours after the BBC read out Enoch’s Powell’s Rivers of Blood Speech on the television to commemorate’s its 50th anniversary.

The BBC is a public institution which shrouds itself in secrecy. Which shows how seriously our leaders take its propaganda purpose. If only we could know who had decided we needed to hear that speech in that particular way. The BBC relies on a single Supreme Court ruling to interpret the European Convention on Human Rights in such a way as to prevent the public from ever knowing who decides what at the BBC. You’re more likely to find out   about the contents of a telephone call between Theresa May and Donald Trump than between the producers and programme researchers of Newsnight.

Lord Andrew Adonis, rather annoying at the best of times has suddenly taken it upon himself to start objecting to the #brexitbroadcastingcorporation as he likes to call it.

He has a point, but sadly where were these arguments about BBC impartiality when he was achieving his political aims under Tony Blair?

Either way, things have got pretty bad. So much so that the newspapers have become very readable purely because of their  propaganda content.

Yesterday I glanced at a report from Kensington and Chelsea on page two of the FT.

It was quite obviously written to persuade FT readers in Kensington that are disgusted at the behaviour of the Conservative Party in relation in particular to Grenfell, but also Brexit, that there is a non-Labour alternative. Quite a PR coup for the Conservatives who have clearly already given up on the idea that they can maintain their stranglehold over the borough.

But also of interest from the national perspective as perception is everything and the Conservatives have to do everything they can to fight a Labour revival wherever it appears. Like the Americans in Latin America.

The few photos I can see of the Advance canvassers tell me they are not made up of Grenfell Fire survivors.

This looks like an outside operation – just as Cambridge Analytica were paid by UKIP to swing Brexit.

A quick look at who is following the Advance Party on Twitter shows a demographic that is even whiter than the Tories! Obviously there is nothing in itself wrong with that, but these people are obviously all Lib Dem Remainers who just can’t bring themselves to vote Labour.

The class struggle is alive and well in Kensington and Chelsea!

This retweet by one of the Advance Followers – says it all:

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