Government vs The People

Aadhaar Cyber Thriller

Following yesterday’s post about Aadhaar the Movie, Irumbuthurai is a 2018 Indian Cyber Thriller in Malayalam in which someone steals the entire country’s personal data by using the Security Minister’s fingerprint.

When crime goes Meta.

Apparently the film has led to increased public concern about the security of the Aadhaar Biometric ID Card System.

All Governments are at War with their own People

This piece came out on Indian News website last week.

ISO / Pegasus

Indian government agencies use Pegasus, which can be used to spy via WhatsApp, from ISO, an Israeli firm currently being sued by Facebook.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden told an Israeli conference in late 2018 that ISO had been helping the Saudi Government spy on Jamal Kashoggi’s associates, as reported below by Whitney Webb of Mint Press.

London’s Serpentine Gallery

In June this year the Guardian reported that the head of the Serpentine Gallery Yana Peel was forced to resign because it had reported that she and her husband were co-owners of Novalpina Capital, a private equity firm that was the major shareholder in NSO.

The Serpentine Gallery accepts big donations from the Sackler Family who have made billions from Opioid addiction which kills thousands each year in the US alone.

In May, following reports of the Pegasus security threat the Guardian even published an editorial on it:

This was the original story by Julia Carrie Wong Guardian senior tech correspondent in Silicon Valley:

This Guardian article on WhatsApp and fake news was published by the Guardian out of India in February:

And completing the circle, Julia Carrie Wong just published this from HBO and the people over at Axios.

The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, who is also a board member of the New York Times Company, is trying to have his cake and eat it.

Pretending to be outraged by the murder of Jamal Kashoggi while at the same time being completely relaxed about the Saudi Government’s role in murdering Kashoggi.

Deep Pockets on the Road to Hell

Are we already in hell when we allow CEOs of enormous private loss making, industry destroying, market share grabbing foreign funded unicorn firms like Uber and Babylon, whose main expertise is borrowing money from Saudi Arabia and causing mass underemployment, to start making pronouncements in praise of political murder and compare it, favourably, with its own unnecessary death rate?

The things that are happening in India, Silicon Valley, Turkey and Saudi Arabia affect people in the UK as well as everywhere else. But as a good friend said to me the other day, all this info that is coming at us, much of it meaningful, then very often goes nowhere.

It is a golden age for PR and strategic comms in that sense.

The powerful can now simply get away with anything.

And as there is nothing yet that will stop them, they will go on and on.

The Economist and other papers have been talking about billionaires recently and how useful they are. They don’t get to stay billionaires unless they are complicit in all the spying and all the killing.

We are at the point where truth has given way to conjecture.

Facts can be reported but will never be acted upon.

And non facts are reported as fact.

We have an election on in the UK.

The lying and spinning is currently in overdrive.

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